Meet the team 

Ever try to describe your team or your company in just one word? Well we thought we’d try that little exercise as we updated our website so we could introduce ourselves in a simple summarized manner. We thought it was going to be a tough exercise. You know, trying to get a large group of people who are scattered across the globe to not only come up with the perfect word, but to all agree on it unanimously.

But we did it. That’s just how good we are. Here’s the word that best describes our team at the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP):

We Are Passionate

We are passionate about making a difference for the clients we serve – helping them perform in the face of the pressure they face, provide learning and training to improve their performance and leadership, and make a difference in their personal lives. Bet you’re dying to meet us now.

They say those who can’t do, should teach. We whole heartedly disagree. So here’s our leadership team who not only help us set our direction as a company, but they truly try every day to embody all that we teach about human potential. (They don’t always succeed but we’re proud of them for trying!)

Partners – Keynote Speakers

Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry, Partner and Co-Founder

Following his work as a performance coach at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta (where his team won a bronze medal), in 1998, JP Pawliw-Fry co-founded IHHP. While the first few years were difficult as the team focused on putting together some of the early research, training and coaching programs, today they are proud of what the IHHP team has accomplished. Now JP spends most of his time spreading our message of human potential through keynotes and consulting and the rest of the time partnering with researchers to explore new areas of potential

Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry is the perfect balance of inspiring and practical, results-focused and fun. He delivers powerful and actionable keynotes to drive meaningful outcomes for organizations worldwide.
As an emotional intelligence keynote speaker JP brings something different than the usual: he combines teaching experience at a world class business school (Kellogg), being an award-winning entrepreneur (Profit Magazine’s Fastest growing companies), authoring a New York Times Bestselling as well as working with Olympic, NFL teams, Navy Seals and a who’s who of Fortune 500’s to blend deep, real-world leadership experience with a powerful stage presence to help people and organizations thrive in the midst of change.

Every keynote is customized to have the biggest possible impact, combining engaging stories and practical techniques that push audiences to think differently as they face the challenge of change, disruption, innovation, the need to engage their teams, build a powerful culture and the pressure to achieve results.

JP’s organization surveys over 40,000 people a month and he uses that capability to bring cutting edge ideas to your program and also, at no added cost, to survey your audience prior to the program and present back results against benchmarks as a way to deliver personalized insight. People walk away remarking how they felt that JP was talking directly to them.

Bill Benjamin, Partner

Bill had been a friend and client of IHHP for many years, and he liked the company so much he not only joined it, but he became a partner over 20 years ago. It was his strength in sales that helped to catapult IHHP to where it is today.

Bill has a degree in Mathematics with a major in Computer Science, and is the guy we always need to “prove the facts” to in our research into human potential! (i.e., “I’m not bringing this to my clients, if you can’t prove it will help them!”) Today, besides working closely with key clients and our team of Leadership Consultants, Bill also spends his time spreading our message through keynotes and facilitation. To learn more, click here.

Executive Team

Sandra Rayner, Vice President of Marketing and Product

Sandra came to IHHP with over 20 years of experience creating and implementing strategies that drive value for the customer, employees and all stakeholders, She is passionate about driving a data driven marketing culture that thrives on innovation, agility and performance. Sandra’s passion for implementing Emotional Intelligence in the workplace brought her to The Institute for Health and Human Potential in 2016 where she currently leads the marketing and product teams.

Sandra’s prior marketing and product experience include roles at large global companies as well as entrepreneurial organization as well as running her own consulting practice which included one of her favourite gigs as business consultant on CBC’s Dragon’s Den.

Client Relationship Team

IHHP’s Client Relationship Team is a group of knowledgeable, responsive professionals who help clients achieve their desired outcomes. Through a combination of consulting on the appropriate learning solutions to delivering an exceptional client experience, our Client Relationship Team partners with clients along the path of their company-wide learning and leadership development journeys.

Greer Campbell, Senior Learning Solutions Consultant.

Greer works with clients to uncover the gaps they need to bridge and the challenges they need to address and then supports them in getting from where they are to where they want to be. Connect with Greer and talk about how IHHP can help your team achieve their goals and take their game to the next level. 

Contact Greer at: greer.campbell@ihhp.com


Sue Krautkramer, Facilitator, Program Designer

Sue brings a powerful package of expertise to her lead facilitator role at the Institute for Health and Human Potential, which combines over 25 years of facilitation for Fortune 500 companies, roles in management and in sales, experience in program design and development, and mentoring. This includes being a past president of Eagle’s Flight of America, an experiential learning design company.

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Chris Olex, Facilitator

Chris is in her 24th year as a Corporate Trainer and Facilitator specializing in team and personal development. Chris holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Bradley University in Organizational Behavior and Leadership. She has devoted her entire career to the development of human potential.

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Jennifer Krueger, Facilitator

Jennifer brings an extraordinary level of energy to her training and coaching of teams and leaders. She is a distinguished certified trainer and has spoken at a variety of Conference Board of Canada events, as well as delivered Keynote workshops to hundreds of people.

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Blair Steinbach, Facilitator

Spanning three decades, his work has taken him around the globe, working with leaders and managers across industries from small classrooms to groups of thousands.

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Isabelle Marin, Bilingual Facilitator (French/English)

Isabelle Marin is a bilingual (French and English) facilitator, trainer, and certified coach specializing in Emotional Intelligence. As an executive and professional coach, she helps leaders, managers, executives, and professionals build their Emotional Intelligence skills so they can increase their capacity to perform under pressure in stressful career or personal situations, and ‘show up’ as their best selves.

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Jo-Ann Pawliw, Facilitator

For over twenty years, Jo-Ann has led, developed and inspired individuals and organizations in both the corporate and non-profit sectors, education and sport.

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Marcie Stern, Facilitator

Over the past 30 years, Marcie has held leadership roles in learning, organizational development, and leadership development in the healthcare and insurance industries, and has experience both working for, and facilitating to, Fortune 100, private equity, and non-profit organizations.

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Deborah Fletcher, Facilitator

Deborah Fletcher is an experienced Learning & Development Specialist, who has consulted with corporate clients to assess and assist organizations in developing their performance management systems, employee attraction and retention program strategies, and training and development programs.

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Meet The Coaches

John Doan, IHHP Lead Coach

John Doan, Lead Coach for IHHP, is the leader of corporate coaching services and oversees all of IHHP’s Coaching personnel.

He brings over 15 years of coaching experience to the team and a unique set of skills and experience from the fields of human development and health care.

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Lisa Garber, Coach

Lisa Garber has been working as a full-time coach for more than 20 years, after transitioning into the coaching industry from her previous career as a psychotherapist in 1997. As an integral and long-term member of the IHHP coaching team, Lisa has been working with all organizational levels, from individual contributor to CEO.

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Sharon Lewis, Coach

Sharon Lewis has been engaging leaders in growth conversations for almost 20 years. Since 2003, she has been providing leadership and team development to an international clientele of executives, managers, and organizations to facilitate the creation of sustainable, high-performance teams worldwide.

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Peter Taylor, Coach

Peter Taylor has been working as an Emotional Intelligence Coach with IHHP since the organization’s early days in 2004. His clients span across various industries and on all levels of responsibility, ranging from individual contributors to predominantly professionals in leadership roles, teaching them to employ more emotional intelligence with their direct reports.

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Isabelle Marin, Bilingual Coach (French/English)

Isabelle Marin is a bilingual (French and English) facilitator, trainer, and certified coach specializing in Emotional Intelligence. As an executive and professional coach, she helps leaders, managers, executives, and professionals build their Emotional Intelligence skills so they can increase their capacity to perform under pressure in stressful career or personal situations, and ‘show up’ as their best selves.

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