Blue Cross of Idaho Case Study

“Our employee retention is significant due to our Last 8% Culture. We’ve gone from a 17.5% turnover rate to an 11% turnover rate in the past year and a half, something like that translates into real dollars. When we talk about that turnover rate and going from a ratio of losing 250 people a year to a third of that or half of that, that can be real money, close to $10 million bucks actually if you really look at it.”

Paul Zurlo

CEO & President

We had a niceness over courage approach – we were a family quadrant on the Last 8% Culture Map – this led to difficulty in adapting and execution, so we really needed to move from family to a Last 8% Culture of more courage and execution, which we did, and this has led to an increase in execution and productivity.”

Drew Hobby

Chief Revenue Officer

The culture sits at the team level… HR does not drive culture, leaders drive culture, and it’s that Last 8% Culture that they’re driving. Culture starts with the team and if you get that right it permeates throughout the organization.”

Janice Baker

Chief Human Resources Officer

Discover the transformative journey of Blue Cross of Idaho (BCI) in partnership with the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP): a narrative of strategic collaboration that redefined organizational culture and performance. This compelling case study explores how BCI harnessed IHHP’s innovative Last 8% Culture System to overcome challenges, achieve remarkable success, and become a destination employer.

Why This Case Study Is Important


Insightful Analysis:

Learn how BCI identified and tackled critical issues in leadership effectiveness, employee retention and engagement, strategy, performance, and operational agility.


Proven Solutions:

Understand the strategies and methodologies employed by IHHP to foster a culture of accountability, innovation, and high performance.


Real Outcomes:

Review the tangible results of this collaboration, including enhanced employee engagement, increased innovation, and a strong culture of execution.

What You Will Gain:


Blueprint for Cultural Transformation:

Gain insights into the step-by-step processes and best practices that can be adapted to any organization looking to foster significant cultural change.


Leadership and Development Insights:

Explore how emotional intelligence and targeted learning can reshape leadership dynamics and enhance team performance.


Inspiring Testimonials:

Hear directly from BCI’s executives and team members, including firsthand accounts like that of Paul Zurlo, CEO & President, who witnessed the culture shift within BCI.

For Whom Is This Case Study Designed

This detailed exploration is a must-read for business executives, HR professionals, and organizational development experts aiming to cultivate a thriving workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent while driving sustainable growth.

Key Components of the Case Study:

  1. Assessment and Strategy Implementation: Dive into the initial assessments and phased strategy rollouts that set the stage for cultural revitalization.
  2. System and Tools: Learn about the emotional intelligence in the flow of work appraoch, and practical tools that empowered BCI employees to engage in more meaningful and productive interactions.
  3. Impactful Results: Examine the improved metrics and the shift toward a Last 8% Culture, characterized by enhanced communication and innovative thinking.

Explore how BCI’s strategic partnership with IHHP not only transformed their organizational culture, but also positioned them as a leader and destination employer in the competitive healthcare insurance industry.

This case study not only serves as a testament to the power of effective collaboration and the innovative Last 8% Culture System, but also provides actionable insights for any organization aiming for meaningful improvement in performance and employee satisfaction.

Transforming Organizational Culture for Enhanced Performance:

The BCI and IHHP Success Story, Download the Full Case Study!

“Culture is intentional – if you don’t have a culture or you don’t work on trying to build your culture, the culture will build itself, then those subcultures can become negative, and they can take on a shape of their own. The Last 8% Culture System taught us that culture exists on the team level, and this has changed the performance, it’s allowed us to be better at talking to somebody about what we need from them. Our performance will just continue to grow as long as we rely on that Last 8%.

Diana Duncan

Director Product Innovation & Development

“You can’t separate strategy and culture – culture eats strategy for breakfast. One of our main top goals was becoming a destination employer and the system has helped a lot. You really can’t have high-performance teams that doesn’t have culture fit and safety – performance and culture can’t be separated. To really achieve high permeance you need those aspects of emotional intelligence, a positive culture and employee engagement.” 

John Sorenson

Director OCI Projects

“Rather than being a system applied solely at the leadership level, what truly made a difference was integrating the Last 8% Culture System across the entire organization. It made everyone feel part of a collective journey towards a more open and communicative culture, significantly enhancing the sense of safety and trust within teams. The establishment of trust and a safe space for open communication has been transformative, not just – for individual well-being but also for overall productivity. Knowing that you can bring concerns to your leaders without fear of dismissal encourages a more present and engaged workforce, driving better results and fostering a more cohesive team environment.”

Milissa Meikel

Director, Payment Integrity

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