IHHP Coaching

Why Choose Coaching with IHHP

Coaching is the secret ingredient of our emotional intelligence programs and allows you to take your learning to the next level. It enables your team to internalize their new skills and make the leap from learning a concept to applying it in a real-world situation. Our proprietary coaching model and team of ICF-certified coaches skyrocket retention and fast-track changes in your team’s behavior.

Our Coaching Approach

We take a unique and personalized approach with our coaching program, tying concepts from our emotional intelligence content to your real-world situations and relationships to maximize positive outcomes. 

An IHHP coaching engagement begins with identifying how the coaching sessions can align with the individual’s personal and professional goals, and help them with key situations and relationships where their learning could be applied. In subsequent sessions they will be guided through the concepts of self-awareness, emotional management, and emotional connection, and how they can be directly applied to areas of focus that they have identified. The heart of the process is always focused on understanding what guarantees the greatest benefit for the coachee’s individual and organizational success.

The Benefits and Outcomes of Coaching

The personal and organizational benefits of beginning coaching are wide-ranging. Since 2006, thousands of IHHP’s coaching clients across various industries have reported that their coaching experiences had substantial positive effects on their careers and relationships, helping them to achieve their goals, contribute more effectively to their teams and organizations, gain more job and life satisfaction, and communicate more effectively. 

Some of the areas that our clients at all levels of organizations have received support with include:

  • Navigating day-to-day relationship obstacles
  • Developing high-potential talent
  • Having effective performance conversations
  • Improving the impact and outcomes of actions
  • Supporting and working with senior teams under high-pressure

The EI360 and Coaching Experience

Our EI360 Assessment supports and guides emotional intelligence development and is paired with your coaching experience. The assessment provides an opportunity for individuals to receive in-depth and detailed answers about how they are performing across eleven emotional intelligence competencies, as rated anonymously by their managers, peers, direct reports, key clients, and even family members and friends. This unique process gives the opportunity for self-awareness across every aspect of work and life outside the office, helping you identify specific areas to work on with your coach.


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