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The EI 360 Assessment

The EI360™ Assessment is a neuroscience-based online system that invites, collects and analyzes feedback from individuals, including managers, peers, direct reports, key clients, and, even family members and friends. 

This truly unique process gives the opportunity for self-awareness and development across every aspect of work and life outside the office, with a special focus on the impact individuals have on those around them.

Free EQ Quiz

Our emotional intelligence quiz describes situations that we all experience in our lives (like being given difficult feedback) and will provide you with the most accurate assessment of your level of Emotional Intelligence. Once you have taken the quiz, you will receive your results as well as recommendations on how you can manage your emotions and connect more skillfully with others.

Free Pressure Quiz

It might surprise you that nobody performs better under pressure. Regardless of the task, pressure diminishes our judgement, decision-making, attention, and performance. This quiz is based on the Amazon Best Selling book Performing Under Pressure. Take the Pressure Quiz to see how you handle pressure.