Create a courageous and connected team culture.

Build a high-performing culture that drives employee engagement, innovation, collaboration, productivity, retention and growth.

Build Your Culture in Months, Not Years

Our systemic approach helps your teams establish a lasting, high-connection, high-courage culture. We will create your culture by design, so it doesn’t develop by default.

Led By Your Leaders

We equip your senior leadership and managers to use difficult Last 8% moments to establish culture, team by team.

Tailored To Your Team

We assess your organization to understand how best to create specific and concrete tools that will develop your team culture.

Backed By Science

We built this program after decades of research, and over 20 years of teaching our clients to navigate Last 8% moments. 

Last 8% 



The Last 8% Culture System, powered by IHHP, is a category-defining culture system, based on the latest science of human behaviour, that equips leaders and teams with the precise structure and skills needed to cultivate and own a culture of doing hard things – to embrace what we term “Last 8% Moments”.

The Last 8% Culture System has been built to help you create the conditions necessary for high performance to occur on your teams and across the entire company. The system puts your people leaders at the center, giving them the skills and structure to own the culture on their team, and empower people across the organization to take risks to drive performance and achieve results.

Phase 1:

Build Culture

The half-day Building a Last 8% Culture program is where leaders will learn how to take charge and own the culture on their team through high-care and high-accountability.

Senior leaders will explore how to bring in culture and leadership skills to elevate the organization to the next level of performance and execution. Delivered with a blend of insights and tools this program will teach leaders how to assess, own, and model a Last 8% Culture on their own team.

Phase 2:

Develop Emotional Intelligence

Leaders will deepen their own skills in our Science of Emotional Intelligence program, focusing on building the first pillar of a Last 8% Culture: connection and psychological safety.

In this program, leaders will learn to recognize the power of self-awareness and how it impacts leadership potential, apply techniques to skillfully manage one’s emotions when under pressure, and employ strategies to connect with the emotions that drive the behavior of others.

Phase 3:

Lead Last 8%

The Last 8% Conversations program will focus on the second pillar of a Last 8% Culture: how to step in, do ‘hard things’ and be courageous.

In this program, leaders will learn how to prepare for difficult conversations in a skillful way and navigate the emotions that prompt us to avoid Last 8% Conversations. They will use this framework to inspire their team to be more courageous, and skillfully step into having the conversations needed to build a Last 8% Culture.

Phase 4:

Establish Culture

Once people leaders have learned the key skills and are starting to model the behaviors of a Last 8% Culture, the unique 4-Week Sprint brings it all together. This will give your people leaders the ‘platform’ to own the culture on their team. In this way, culture is built by design, not by default. This is done very concretely, by leaders and their teams, team by team, cascading through all levels of the organization. 

To prepare for the 4-Week Sprint, senior as well as people leaders will engage in a 2-hour virtual session, where they will discuss and agree on a concrete ‘to-do’ approach. Each team then puts our Last 8% weekly process into practice, integrating everything they’ve learned so far to establish a highly connected and courageous Last 8% Culture.

“Our employee retention is significant due to our Last 8% Culture. We’ve gone from a 17.5% turnover rate to an 11% turnover rate in the past year and a half, something like that translates into real dollars.

When we talk about that turnover rate and going from a ratio of losing 250 people a year to a third of that or half of that, that can be real money, close to $10 million bucks actually if you really look at it.”

Paul Zurlo, CEO & President, Blue Cross of Idaho

Develop your highly courageous Last 8% Culture

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We’ve trained more than 500 leaders in IHHP’s program, and they consistently get some of the best feedback of any training we deliver. Leaders tell us it has helped them improve their relationships up, down and laterally across the organization. It’s a core framework for how to connect and engage people, how to have difficult conversations and shape team culture. It’s even more relevant today than when we started working with IHHP in 2016. IHHP’s facilitators are also top notch. They are truly experts in the content and at engaging an audience and connecting with people in the classroom or virtually.

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Take your culture from high-avoidance to high-performance.

Too many teams run from difficult conversations and decisions. But a high-avoidance team can never be a high-performing team. At IHHP we have spent 25 years testing our research based tools with organizations on the front line of pressure and performance.

We understand the latest in neuroscience to help you create lasting change that powers performance. Our proprietary leadership development system helps build the key skills and culture to engage your best and brightest, so that your company culture becomes your unfair advantage – helping you attract and retain great talent.

Build a high-performing culture.

Use high-pressure moments to shape your team culture and transform your organization.