Engagement has been a hot topic for some time now. The reason for that is the fact that organizations are having trouble keeping their employees engaged. If the age old saying “numbers don’t lie” is true, then organizations are in some serious trouble. Based on a study conducted by Dale Carnegie and MSW it was determined that 29% of employees are engaged, 45% are not engaged and 26% are actively disengaged. These stats are frightening when you consider that over two thirds of your employees are not engaged. Disengaged employees can be a huge detriment to your organization.

The Negative Impact of disengaged employees:

  • Disengaged employees are emotionally disconnected from their workplace and are less productive than engaged coworkers.
  • They can bring down others and impact all aspects of your organization, including; customer service, sales, quality, productivity, employee retention and other critical business areas.
  • High turnover, which is a huge cost to organizations (in the US it cost organizations $11 Billion due to employee turnover).
  • Their negative attitudes can adversely impact an organization’s culture, ultimately, undermining the performance of engaged employees.

The bottom line is disengaged employees are more expensive than engaged employees. The Gallup Business Journal estimates that disengaged employees in the US cost $350 Billion annually in lost productivity. If the numbers weren’t alarming enough, that one really sticks out. The amount of lost productivity is frightening. The good news is that all of these numbers and costs are completely within your control.

The three key driving factors of employee engagement include:

  1. Relationship with direct managers – 80% of employees who were dissatisfied with their managers were disengaged.
  2. Belief in senior leadership – 70% of employees who lack confidence in their senior leadership were disengaged.
  3. Pride in working for their organization

Although these numbers don’t seem like they are in your favour, they are in your control. How you handle these stats is what determines your next steps. If you don’t want to stand by idle and let disengagement hinder your organizations productivity, then learn more about our world renowned training programs.

Finally the most important stat of all is 202%, which is how much organizations with engaged employees outperformed organization’s without.