Organizational Growth Articles

IHHP equips organizations and leaders with Emotional Intelligence skills to foster organizational growth, have tough conversations and meaningfully connect with their teams. Transform your organization and create a growth mindset in your employees and leadership team.

In the Flow of Work: A Strategic Approach to Team-Based Learning

The traditional methods of corporate training are continually being challenged by more dynamic, integrated and modern approaches. One such innovative approach is the Last 8% Culture System - this system is not merely a training program, but a transformative culture...

Innovating Your Workplace for the Future of Business

There are a number of trends impacting organizations today such as AI, remote and hybrid work environments, and a need for learning. To stay in touch with trends and rise above the competition, businesses can implement strategies such as emotional intelligence...

What is a Family Team Culture? (and 3 Reasons Why They Are Almost Always Dysfunctional)

Beneath the surface of this familial facade lies a complex web of dynamics that, more often than not, render such cultures dysfunctional.

8 Ways to Become a Last 8% Culture 

Your competitive advantage over competitors is not your strategy or product. Your biggest opportunity to have a sustained point of difference is your culture.