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Experience improved productivity, innovation, talent retention and higher engagement levels with a strong corporate culture by learning Emotional Intelligence. Create a culture of trust, collaboration, empathy, support and connection that can weather any uncertainty and remain resilient.

How Emotional Intelligence Drives Organizational DEI Initiatives and Creates Psychological Safety

Cranla Warren, IHHP’s organizational psychologist and expert in Emotional Intelligence, recently had the opportunity to sit down with Diversity Equity & Inclusion Specialist Khalilah Lyons for an open and authentic conversation around psychological safety,...

DE&I: A Way of Working, Thinking, Being, and Thriving

In this article, Cranla and Khalilah discuss why it is important to have a ‘mindset approach’ to DE&I as opposed to a ‘program approach’.

Preparing for the New Gig Economy with Emotional Intelligence

When you think of the gig economy, what comes to mind? Ride-sharing? Grocery delivery? The truth is, gig or freelance workers can be a tremendous asset to any organization in any industry. The key is knowing how to manage the needs and impact of a new workforce....

5 Reasons EI Will Help You be a Better L&D Professional

Increasing importance is being placed on EI or soft skills – it’s particularly important to L&D professionals to be able to recognize this.  Soft skills enable you to interact well with other people.  Here are 5 reasons why EI will help you be a better...