Public Training Programs

What is a Public Program?

Most organizations and individuals experience the IHHP curriculum internally, either delivered via one of their own facilitators or by one of IHHP’s facilitators.
Our curriculum is designed to provide you with the learning and tools that will allow you to perform at your highest potential, no matter what level of pressure you are facing. It might sound like an overstatement, but we often hear from people that attending our programs ‘changed’ their lives.

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Learn More About Our Core Programs.

Get more details about our three Core Programs with these links:

The Science of Emotional Intelligence

Performing Under Pressure

The Three Conversations of Leadership

Program Schedule

Here is a list of upcoming programs. Click on a date to learn more and/or register.  Don’t see a program you want to attend near you?  Contact our Public Program Manager [email protected].


Performing Under Pressure

The Science of Emotional Intelligence

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    The Science of Emotional Intelligence: Chicago – 2018
    The Science of Emotional Intelligence: San Francisco – 2018
    Performing Under Pressure – New York – 2018
    The Three Conversations of Leadership: Ottawa – 2018