Understand your superpowers

Accelerate your performance & experience behavior change that is sustained over time

EI360™ Assessment

How often do you get real feedback on your impact, strengths, and growth opportunities?

We all want to excel in our ability to connect, support, empathize, and collaborate. With the current pace of change, disruption, and stress, it is easy to lose track of the actual impact your behavior has on the people around you. 

Get the Power of Perspective

IHHP’s EI360™ Assessment provides a rare chance to get candid feedback. It is a neuroscience-based online system that invites, collects, and analyzes feedback from individuals, including managers, peers, direct reports, key clients, and even family members and friends.

This truly unique process gives you the opportunity for self-awareness and development across every aspect of work and life outside the office, with a special focus on the impact you have on those around you.

The EI360™ Assessment also includes a confidential one-on-one debrief session with an IHHP EI certified coach, designed to help you get acquainted with your feedback so you can decide which elements are most helpful to you. Our seasoned coaches will work with you via a phone or video call to help you deepen the meaning and transfer the knowledge, skills, and learning from the assessment to daily life.

Why the EI360 Assessment works:

Understand Your Superpowers. Find out what you excel at, and what that means to the people around you.

Self-Awareness. Understand the impact you have on the people around you.

Blind Spots. Clarity around your blind spots will open the door for growth, learning, and performance improvement.

Stop, Start, Continue. The EI360™ will help by highlighting what you’re great at, what you should keep doing, and, where you should change your approach.

Intention vs Impact. Learn how to be aware of the impact you’re having, and why it can be different from what you intended.

About the Assessment and Report:

The EI360™ Assessment is the most efficient way to build your self-awareness and start making significant improvements in your Emotional Intelligence development.

This robust assessment is based on over 20 years of neuroscience research and measures you on 11 Emotional Intelligence competencies. Standardized performance benchmarks are based on thousands of evaluators so you can really understand how you stand in comparison to others.

The report contains:

  • Your performance rating for each EI competency, broken down by evaluator-type for deeper insight
  • A description of your current state in each EI competency
  • Actionable steps to take to improve your rating
  • A description of what high performers in each competency do
  • A list of your overall strengths and growth opportunities
  • Anonymized open-ended comments from your evaluators to provide additional feedback and context
  • Worksheets to help you start to analyze the results yourself, maximize the insights from the report, and apply the learning

Choose How to Debrief Your Report

Your journey doesn’t end when you receive your report. To help you unpack the feedback and build an action plan, we offer two ways to debrief your results.

One-on-One Coaching

Get personalized guidance and support in a confidential 50-minute debrief session led by a certified coach.

Live Online Group Session

Dive deep into the analysis of your feedback in this interactive 2-hour live online debrief session led by a Master Facilitator.

How honest is your team when sharing feedback? Everyone has a hard time sharing difficult feedback. However, if it isn’t shared effectively, things can get worse. People get defensive, causing communication to break down and debilitate your organization’s collaboration and productivity. 

Complete the EI360™ as a team and we will help your colleagues and team members understand what the feedback means and how they can apply Emotional Intelligence to accelerate their performance and experience behavior change that is sustained over time.

Connect with a Leadership Consultant to discuss how the EI360 Assessment can make a difference in your organization.