EI360 Assessment

How often does your team share honest feedback? Everyone has a hard time sharing difficult feedback – and, if it isn’t shared effectively, things can get worse. People get defensive causing and communication to break breaks down, debilitating your organization’s collaboration and productivity.

It’s completely confidential

The EI360™ Assessment is a neuroscience-based online system that invites, collects and analyzes feedback from individuals, including managers, peers, direct reports, key clients, and, even family members and friends.

This truly unique process gives the opportunity for self-awareness and development across every aspect of work and life outside the office, with a special focus on the impact individuals have on those around them.

Why the EI360 Assessment works:

Understand Your Superpowers. Find out what you excel at, and what that means to the people around you.

Self-Awareness. Understand the impact you have on the people around you.

Blind Spots. Clarity around your blind spots will open the door for growth, learning, and performance improvement.

Stop, Start, Continue. The EI360™ will help by highlighting what you’re great at, what you should keep doing, and, where you should change your approach.

Intention vs Impact. Learn how to be aware of the impact you’re having, and why it can be different from what you intended.

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