Have the conversations that matter

Build trust and transform outcomes

Our conversations don’t always create the impact we expect. How can you develop the courage and skills to have conversations that create lasting change in your organization?


You may have noticed that:

  • Tough conversations are often avoided and instead, important communication takes place at the water cooler, behind closed doors, or in the meeting after the meeting
  • Behaviors and outcomes aren’t changing even after receiving direct feedback
  • Collaboration is suffering, as the reality of a “nice” culture often doesn’t make room for honest communication and candid feedback.

Three Conversations of Leadership Program

Three Conversations of Leadership is designed for anyone who wants to give their conversations impact and meaning, to achieve peak performance and build an organizational culture of honesty and cohesiveness.

Participants will develop the communication tools and strategies they need to skillfully: 

Have Conversations that Matter – Communicate your message in a way that can be heard when emotions run high. Learn how to take a conversation across the finish line.

Connect with Courage – Understand your impact on others and have the courage to connect authentically. Empower yourself to give more constructive, honest, and actionable feedback more often. 

Become a Skillful Communicator – Speak your truth, achieve clarity, and influence outcomes by learning how to communicate without triggering emotions.

Transform Collaboration – Conversations are the vehicle by which we get things done. Having productive discussions on a regular basis where people are honest about what’s working and what isn’t, transforms collaboration and drives growth.

What Are the Three Conversations of Leadership?

Whether you are a people leader or building your personal leadership abilities, you need the skills to have three types of conversations: daily, difficult, and courageous.

Daily conversations are the frequent conversations required to build relationships and deepen connections. 

Difficult and Courageous conversations involve emotional risk for either yourself or the other person, but are essential to building clarity, safety, and trust – they require skillful execution to maximize the advantages and opportunities for meaningful change they possess.

Program Formats

Business Video Call


Our Three Conversations of Leadership program can be brought directly to your organization with our unforgettable in-person classroom format. Our expert facilitators are ready to deliver an informative, compelling, and overall transformative experience that is sure to leave a lasting impact on your organization’s current and future people leaders. The classroom format promises an engaging and welcoming environment, filled with individual and collaborative activities, learning opportunities, and thought-provoking content.

Live Online Facilitator-Led Program

Our live online facilitator-led program offers the opportunity for your people to participate in this program virtually. Delivered over the course of two days in two-hour modules, participants can join the facilitator-led program via Zoom. This program format is highly interactive, and participants will engage using whiteboards, breakout rooms, polls, and have the chance to work through life situations in a collaborative learning environment framework.

Business Video Call


“An excellent and practical follow up to the Science of Emotional Intelligence course. Should be required for all leaders of people.”

“I am in awe of the skills of the facilitators, designers, and producers at IHHP. They make each course an experience that appeals to all kinds of learners and ensure that you always walk away with useful knowledge that you can put to immediate use.”

“I really valued the rich experience of the participants and the content helps build on the EI framework. Awesome program!”

Bring This Program Into Your Organization

IHHP’s conversations program builds the skills your people need to:

  • Create psychological safety before effectively engaging in difficult conversations
  • Address necessary matters and encourage open communication
  • Transform outcomes by building trust and accountability
  • Build a collaborative culture of innovation where people freely share ideas

Too many teams run from difficult conversations and decisions, but a high-avoidance team can never be a high-performing team. At IHHP, we give you a proven system to help you build a courageous and connected environment so that your company culture becomes your unfair advantage.

Interested to Bring IHHP Training to your Organization?

Would you like to learn more about how you can bring our science based training to your organization. Get in touch with one of our experienced Learning Consultants, who will work with you to  determine the best program solutions to meet your organization’s needs.