Build Trust and Transform Outcomes

Three Conversations of Leadership

Are you suffering from a “nice culture” that doesn’t support honest communication and real collaboration? 

Does your team avoid having tough conversations, relying instead on “water cooler” chats and private discussions behind closed doors? 

Do you feel like behaviors and outcomes don’t change, even after you’ve shared feedback? 

We often avoid uncomfortable conversations because we are unprepared. It’s easier to avoid the tough stuff.

Three Conversations of Leadership is designed for anyone who wants to give their conversations impact and meaning to achieve peak performance.

Empower yourself with the communication tools and strategies you need to skillfully have the most important conversations, every day, and at high pressure moments.

Why Choose This Program?

Strategies for Every Conversation

Learn the difference between daily, difficult, and courageous conversations and unique strategies to excel at each one.

Flexible Learning

Attend just two 2-hour live online modules to complete your learning while managing your busy work and personal schedules.

Practical and Interactive

Whiteboards, breakout rooms, polls, and worksheets are integrated throughout the program so you can work through real-life situations in a collaborative way.

About the Program

Upon completing the program, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance and impact of three critical types of conversations: Daily, Difficult and Courageous Conversations
  • Leverage insight from the brain science of emotions to have more effective conversations
  • Learn techniques to have high impact daily coaching conversations that build trust and drive results, even in time-constrained, pressure-filled environments
  • Practice having difficult conversations in a way that allows you to speak your truth and get to the “last 8%”, while not emotionally triggering the other person.

The Science of Emotional Intelligence

The Science of Emotional Intelligence is a prerequisite for this program. You will have access to our 4-hour on demand program prior to attending Three Conversations of Leadership. Learn more about the on demand program here.

Do you prefer to learn with a live instructor? Register for our live online Emotional Intelligence program and save 20% when you use the code EI3CL

Why Your Organization Needs 3CL:

The ability to have difficult conversations without fear of reprisal is the hallmark of a psychologically safe organization and leads to improved collaboration and innovation.

Your organization needs to be having better conversations in order to:

  • Create psychological safety before effectively engaging in difficult conversations
  • Address necessary matters and encourage open communication
  • Transform outcomes by building trust and accountability
  • Build a collaborative culture of innovation where people freely share ideas

How Conversations Build Trust and Transform Outcomes

Have Conversations that Matter – Communicate your message in a way that can be heard when emotions run high. Learn how to take a conversation across the finish line.

Connect with Courage – Understand your impact on others and have the courage to connect authentically. Empower yourself to give more constructive feedback, more often. Delivering the real message in the moment – rather than weeks or months later – will build trusting relationships and reduce the need for difficult conversations.

Become a Skillful Communicator – Speak your truth, achieve clarity, and influence outcomes by learning how to communicate without triggering emotions.

Transform Collaboration – Conversations are the vehicle by which we get things done. Having productive discussions on a regular basis where people are honest about what’s working and what isn’t, transforms collaboration and drives bottom-line results.

Interested to Bring IHHP Training to your Organization?

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