IHHP Facilitated Training

At the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP), our programs can be delivered through your certified in house trainers, however, sometimes organizations don’t have the manpower or the skill-set to roll out and facilitate our emotional intelligence programs. There are also times when a senior audience wants the “outside experts”.

Whatever the reason to have IHHP facilitators deliver your programs, it is important that the program be delivered by strong, business and life-experienced facilitators who can walk the talk, and provide information relevant to you and your organization (specific even to your industry).

For this reason, IHHP offers an amazing group of seasoned, knowledgeable and fully certified facilitators who will help you deliver a culture-changing program to your organization.

Exceptional facilitators

We work with you to provide a facilitator that is a perfect match for your audience. All of our facilitators are exceptional (or they wouldn’t be working with us!). The idea is to make a match based on your industry, demographics and learning objectives.

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