Organizations around the world have embraced IHHP’s Performing Under Pressure and Emotional Intelligence programs to increase leadership, engagement and performance in their organizations. Our certification process is much more than attending a course. Through certification, your facilitators become Enterprise License Trainers (ELTs) and participate in our full onboarding process.

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I'm a Trainer who wants to learn more!  I'm a company who wants our trainer(s) certified!

What Do Facilitators Get From Certification?

  • Pre-program on-boarding to gain full understanding of the process and map their training plan
  • Two-Day Certification Program (including program materials, facilitator guide, slide presentation, videos, etc.)
  • One-on-one coaching sessions focusing on their own personal development
  • Familiarity with our Performing Under Pressure and Emotional Intelligence content, including training modules based on brain science, research, discovery learning and sports psychology
  • Certification guide including: complete slide show, facilitator manual, delivery methods, experiential exercises and background information
  • When applicable, certification as a qualified administrator of the EI360™, a state-of-the art assessment tool grounded in emotional intelligence
  • Post program on-boarding to ensure successful delivery of their first programs
  • Licensed access to all training material, workbooks, videos, EI360 assessment and presentations slides

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