The more that the concepts of Emotional Intelligence become ingrained in an organization, the better able its people are to achieve its goals.  This is especially true in the face of today’s profound changes, bringing the need for emotional management, greater collaboration, and agility to the forefront.

Becoming certified to teach Emotional Intelligence through IHHP only takes four days and provides the tools to deliver incredibly important and impactful learning. View our upcoming certification programs.

How Certified Trainers in Emotional Intelligence Can Help your Organization

1. Flexible and cost-effective training

Having certified trainers is the most cost-effective and flexible approach to provide live training.  By using your own team of trainers, you get access to lower participant license costs, flexible class sizes, schedules, and locations.

2. Excellent experience for certified trainers

Our certification programs begin with training from a master facilitator with over ten years of field experience in facilitating this material.

We offer ongoing support in administering courses and managing assessments and we provide a portal with all the latest course materials. We also offer regular interactive webinars to refresh on content, discuss trends, and share experiences and successes with other certified trainers.  

Many facilitators have told us that this certification and practice of delivering this course has made them into better overall trainers.

3. Learn and teach the skills essential for success

IHHP’s Science of Emotional Intelligence focuses on teaching the skills essential to success in today’s workplace: The World Economic Forum cites “Emotional Intelligence” as the sixth most important skill in 2020 needed for the “fourth industrial revolution.”  Moreover, nearly all of the other skills on their top ten list are associated with or improved by having strong emotional intelligence skills.  

Knowing how to maintain emotional control in difficult circumstances is precisely what allows individuals to perform rationally and exceptionally in those situations.  Employees who struggle with emotional control because they lack this training find it difficult or impossible to apply other training when their emotions are in control of them.  This is why we say that EI should be foundational in all learning curriculums.

4. Be a driver for innovation and transformation in your organization.

When the concepts in the course are applied, employees are more engaged, more collaborative, more creative, more flexible, and better able to empathize and connect with each other, with customers, and with suppliers.  Certified trainers are key to rolling out this set of skills across everyone in your organization who stands to benefit from them.

With this certification you will play a leadership role in instilling common language and concepts that drive increased engagement, collaboration, creativity and empathy.  These capabilities are absolutely essential in innovation and transformation efforts which so many organizations are involved in today.

5. Partner with the leaders in emotional intelligence training

For over 20 years, the Institute for Health and Human Potential and trainers certified by us have been delivering our course in Emotional Intelligence to audiences around the world.  Thousands of people have taken our course and have been applying its brain-science based insights and tools to become exceptional contributors in their organization.

Our expertise is in translating the neuroscience behind Emotional Intelligence so it is easy to understand and apply.  The straightforward skills taught and practiced in our course are proven and used daily by our many Fortune 500 clients well as numerous government and not-for-profit organizations with whom we partner.

Become Certified with IHHP

Our certification course teaches the foundational role EI plays in creating exceptional leadership and provides the skills to be more self aware, have greater emotional management, and build empathy and connection with others.

Learn more about becoming a certified trainer or connect with a leadership consultant to learn more about bringing emotional intelligence to your organization.