Personal Development Articles

Emotional intelligence helps you build stronger relationships, succeed at work, and achieve your personal and career goals. Personal and professional development is at the forefront of all of IHHP’s training and learning plans ensuring you show up skillfully in every situation.

Resilience: The Number 1 Skill You Need to Overcome Adversity

What exactly is resilience? And why is it so important when we face change, adversity or any kind of challenging situation?

How To Solve Any Work Conflict Skillfully and Effectively

Having good relationships at work matters to you, but you are experiencing conflict with a person on your team. It’s driving you crazy, the moment you jump on a zoom meeting, and that person is on, you immediately feel resistance, even repulsion. You even feel like...

How EQ Drives Psychological Safety

Cranla Warren, IHHP’s Organizational Psychologist and expert in Emotional Intelligence, recently had the opportunity to sit down with Specialist Khalilah Lyons…

DE&I: A Way of Working, Thinking, Being, and Thriving

In this article, Cranla and Khalilah discuss why it is important to have a ‘mindset approach’ to DE&I as opposed to a ‘program approach’.