Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Training Programs

To meet the challenges every organization faces, whether you are an individual contributor or manage a team, we believe that PEOPLE make the greatest positive impact when they SHOW UP AS THEIR BEST selves. We do this through our three program offerings:

When put together, and implemented across all levels of the organization, your leaders and individual contributors will have the tools required to face any challenge head-on and skillfully.

See your culture shift

Combine our neuroscience based emotional intelligence programs with our EI360 Assessment and Coaching to facilitate learning transfer and promote sustained behavior change over time. Our clients see improved productivity, talent retention, a more agile workplace culture and higher engagement levels.

With organizations facing increased pressure, disengagement or lack of authentic communication, our programs are designed to develop every person regardless of their level within their organization. Since an organization’s needs and teams differ, our programs are flexible and can be tailored accordingly in order to generate the best results based on your audience, demographics and objectives. Whether through on-site training or virtual classes, our emotional intelligence training programs work!

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