IHHP’s Approach to Training

IHHP’s unique ability is taking cutting edge research – both our own and others’ research – and the brain science of human performance, and leveraging that to create powerful training programs.

We build integrated programs with training, assessments and coaching based on neuroscience for real change. 

Organizations around the world have embraced IHHP’s Performing Under Pressure and Emotional Intelligence programs to increase leadership, engagement and performance in their organizations. Our certification process is much more than attending a course. Through certification, your facilitators become Enterprise License Trainers (ELTs) and participate in our full onboarding process.

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What Do Facilitators Get From Certification?

  • Pre-program on-boarding to gain full understanding of the process and map their training plan
  • Two-Day Certification Program (including program materials, facilitator guide, slide presentation, videos, etc.)
  • One-on-one coaching sessions focusing on their own personal development
  • Familiarity with our Performing Under Pressure and Emotional Intelligence content, including training modules based on brain science, research, discovery learning and sports psychology
  • Certification guide including: complete slide show, facilitator manual, delivery methods, experiential exercises and background information
  • When applicable, certification as a qualified administrator of the EI360™, a state-of-the art assessment tool grounded in emotional intelligence
  • Post program on-boarding to ensure successful delivery of their first programs
  • Licensed access to all training material, workbooks, videos, EI360 assessment and presentations slides
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At the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP), our programs can be delivered through your certified in-house trainers. However, sometimes organizations don’t have the manpower or the skillset to roll out and facilitate our leadership programs. There are also times when a senior audience wants the “outside experts”.

Whatever the reason to have IHHP facilitators deliver your programs, it is important that the program be delivered by strong, business and life-experienced facilitators who can walk the talk and provide information relevant to you and your organization (specific even to your industry).

For this reason, IHHP offers an amazing group of seasoned, knowledgeable and fully certified facilitators who will help you deliver a culture-changing program to your organization.

We will work with you to ensure we provide a facilitator that is a perfect match for your audience. All of our facilitators are exceptional (or they wouldn’t be working with us!). The idea is to make a match based on your industry, demographics and learning objectives.

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It’s not always easy to bring people together face-to-face in the classroom, making virtual learning a popular option. The virtual facilitated delivery of our Science of Emotional Intelligence program allows organizations the flexibility to provide training to their employees in the schedule that works best for them.

Teaching the same content covered in our classroom delivered program, the virtual Science of Emotional Intelligence program drives real behavior change by providing participants with the knowledge and tools to manage their emotional brain in their most difficult moments.

Program Audience

This program addresses the needs of organizations with a national, global and/or virtual workforce that due to time or budget constraints is unable to bring participants together for in-person training and would prefer to provide learning in an online, virtual format.

1 powerful program, 2 engaging training options

Best for organizations with employees with similar working hours who want to provide an experience similar to that of in-person training.
A completely independent learning experience. The program is hosted online and content presented in bite-sized pieces. Progress through the course on your own schedule.

The EI360TM is a fully web-enabled, multi-rater tool that offers a powerful way to assess individual strengths and developmental needs in the core competencies of Emotional Intelligence.

Why EI360TM assessment and feedback?

Individuals can become so caught up in day-to-day pressures and responsibilities that they miss the cues from others that are part of ongoing feedback – over time an individual’s own view of themselves can often become narrow and biased. Research clearly reveals that feedback solely ‘from above’ does not paint an accurate or relevant picture of performance and behaviour. The ‘boss’ does not always see what other team members see.

IHHP’s EI assessment tools are a systematic method of collecting critical information from a range of sources in order to create a more complete, unbiased picture of individual performance, especially when people are under pressure.

Key aspects of the EI360TM assessment:

  1. It’s easy to complete. People don’t have a lot of time for long assessments, so our Emotional Intelligence assessment tool is designed to take the participants approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and the rater as little as 5-10 minutes
  2. EI360TM Feedback Report:
    Upon completion of the EI360TM assessment the individual receives a report summarizing the key multi-rater assessment data from co-workers (manager, peers, direct reports, key clients) as well as family members and friends. It allows individuals to:

    • Gauge their level of Emotional Intelligence in all aspects of their lives;
    • Compare their self-perception with that of others (at work and at home);
    • Better understand how their behavior positively or negatively affects; performance; and
    • Be alerted to potential triggers and possible blind spots
  3. The Team EI360TM Profile provides data on emotional intelligence at the team level. This can be a very powerful method to diagnose strengths and shortcomings within a team and help build the competencies that improve collaboration and performance within an intact team
  4. The EI360TM assessment is utilized in conjunction with our Emotional Intelligence training and/or together with one-on-one coaching. The assessment is an essential tool to help the participant develop their action plan and the specific competencies they need to work on. Combining the Emotional Intelligence training program and the EI360TM assessment greatly increases the participants’ learning and the overall success of the program

EI360_Square_WEB-smOur powerful Emotional Intelligence training combined with the EI360TM assessment and follow-up coaching gives the participants the insight, time, personal attention and accountability they need in order to make real and lasting changes in their performance and leadership in both their professional and personal lives.

Why Coaching?

“Corporations believe that coaching helps keep valuable employees, and that the dollar investment in it is far less than the cost of replacing an employee.” -David A. Thomas, Fitzhugh, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Participants in the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP) programs come to understand the importance of creating new brain neural pathways to develop more constructive behaviors. Coaching is essential to this process. A Coach supports and encourages participants to “step in” during high pressure situations so new skills and competencies can be developed. This in turn makes it easier the next time a similar challenge or situation arises.

A Coach is committed to helping develop excellence in leadership coaching and performance under pressure – both in business and in life. They ensure that the skills developed will be equally as beneficial to work relationships as they are to those with family members and friends. A Coach encourages change for a life lived more fully.

How Does a Coach Help?

Our Coaches act as sounding boards and accountability partners for clients as they work on personal and professional challenges. Combining the results-based principles of our training programs with their own unique knowledge and experience, IHHP’s Executive Coaches support and help guide individuals and groups to the solutions that work best for them.

“I appreciate (the coach’s) listening ability, and willingness to work with me on the “hard” or difficult situations so I would be able to move through those quicker in the future.”

Specifically, a Coach will help individuals:

  • Leverage their strengths to sharpen their leadership skills
  • Hold themselves accountable to work and life goals, stay focused, and monitor how well they are achieving these goals
  • Learn to see situations from the perspective of others
  • Develop action plans for moving forward while anticipating and overcoming obstacles
  • Improve their ability to communicate clearly and create strong relationships
  • Develop the skills to coach others – including their children! – to improve their personal leadership skills
  • Increase their ability to handle adversity and setbacks in business (and life)
  • Learn to deal more effectively with difficult people
  • Increase opportunities for personal and professional success

Our certified coaches provide coaching on all of our leadership training and pressure management programs:

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Our E.I. Coaching Certifications are designed to prepare Organizational internal coaches to skillfully coach clients after attending the program ‘Performing Under Pressure:  The Science of Emotional Intelligence’ and taking our EI 360™ Assessment.  The goal?  To help your organization’s clients “increase personal leadership by learning how to manage their emotional brain in the most difficult moments. This will allow them to influence and engage others, and connect with them in a more meaningful way.”

Developing your internal coaches to follow up after training will allow them to use our EI 360™ feedback tool with your employees/internal clients and will also provide an effective, sustainable program to help meet your organization’s learning and leadership development goals.

Experience the Power of our Leadership Training Programs

People have many different reasons for attending our public programs. Some are learning professionals looking to experience the content before bringing it to their organization, some are individuals who want to be better leaders and have a greater impact in their organization, and some attend as they are not able to attend their own organization’s programs. While they may have different reasons to attend, they all leave armed with knowledge, tools and strategies to show up as leaders and drive results.

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May 6-7, 2019
May 20-21, 2019

The Three Conversations of Leadership

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The Science of Emotional Intelligence – Certification

May 22-23, 2019

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The Science of Emotional Intelligence - Virtual Live Classroom

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The Science of Emotional Intelligence

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Regardless of which approaches you utilize within your organization, we believe it is critical that our training programs be delivered by strong, business and life-experienced facilitators who can create a rich and powerful learning experience. Our training programs are built to allow facilitators to include relevant applications for the unique needs of your team and organization, and include their own stories to make the learning inspiring and engaging.