We will work with you to ensure we provide a facilitator that is a perfect match for your audience. All of our facilitators are exceptional (or they wouldn’t be working with us!). The idea is to make a match based on your industry, demographics and learning objectives.


IHHP is proud to introduce you to our Facilitators:


Sara Ross - HeadshotSara J. Ross, Senior Research Consulting Partner at IHHP
Having worked with thousands of leaders from across the globe, Sara Ross is a sought-after speaker, workshop leader and executive coach. She is formally the Vice President and Global Head of Innovation, Training and Research at the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP), where she continues to serve as a senior advisor and consulting partner.

Often called on to work with the most senior, technically sophisticated and equally skeptical audiences, Sara’s credibility comes from integrating cutting-edge research with real-life examples of success and failure. Sara will engage audiences, inspire conversation and most importantly, create a blueprint for change with actionable strategies that immediately shift results, lift relationships to help leaders show-up with a more positive and powerful impact.

Sara’s clients include: Fortune 500 companies such as New York Life Insurance, Rogers and Allstate; tech companies such as Adobe; healthcare organizations like the University Health Network, Sunovion and Edwards Lifesciences; marketing agencies such as Environics; and financial firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Scotiabank, Fidelity and BMO. She works with clients ranging from surgeons, financial traders, lawyers and engineers to government agencies, nonprofits and entrepreneurs providing her broad perspectives and diverse experience. Through IHHP, Sara taught at Smith College’s Women’s Executive Leadership Program and worked with the leadership team of the NBA’s Orlando Magic.

In her tenure with IHHP as their VP, she helped launch their New York Times bestselling book: Performing Under Pressure, as well as the leadership program for senior female executives – “Women Performing Under Pressure.” Sara remains a head faculty member, designing leadership development programs, coaching leaders to develop their EI and certifying enterprise leaders from across the globe in IHHP’s flagship program “The Science of Emotional Intelligence”, as well as IHHP’s other “Performing Under Pressure” programs.

Sara’s training includes a Master’s of Science degree (MSc.), certifications in coaching and as a language and behavioral profiler, as well as a master trained practitioner in Emotional Intelligence.


Sue Krautkramer, Facilitator, Program Designer
Sue brings a powerful package of expertise to her lead facilitator role at the institute for health and human potential that includes practical business experience in management and sales, 16 years of facilitating for Fortune 500 companies, …

… program design and development, mentoring and being a life-long learner. Her most recent role was as President of Eagle’s Flight, an experiential learning design company.

Her unique brand of facilitating combines common sense, academic knowledge, practical application, a passion for people and a drive to create results. She has worked with groups of 6 executives, needing truth and direction, to 450 sales people at a conference. She has worked in almost every state in the U.S. as well as Brazil, Korea, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, France, Spain, Ireland, Panama, Egypt and Bulgaria. Sue has worked with companies like Marriott, Wells Fargo, Disney, ESPN, Benjamin Moore, J Crew, & Verison. Sue did her undergraduate work at Arizona State University. She has a Masters degree in Human Development, and another in Counselling.


Chris Olex, Facilitator
Chris is a Corporate Trainer and Facilitator specializing in team and personal development. She has devoted her entire career to the development of human potential. Chris holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology focusing in Organizational Behavior and Leadership.

Relying on experience gained from all levels of the training process — from customer management to delivery and evaluation — she works in partnership with a wide range of clients and organizations all over the globe to design, develop, and deliver professional programs from 5 people to 500. Her infectious energy and relentless inquiry push participants to want to learn more. Chris is passionate about self-learning and uses a variety of tools to help her participants do just that.

Throughout her career, Chris has partnered with training companies like the institute for health and human potential to deliver powerful team programs, and her international client list includes: Pfizer, Deloitte, Novartis, Fidelity, Columbia Executive Education Center, McKinsey & Company, and Boston Consulting Group.

Michael Bell, Facilitator, Director – Asia-Pacific Office
Michael joined IHHP in 2006 following a 15 year career in the pharmaceutical industry where he held a number of key leadership roles in some of the most successful and recognizable companies in the business.

Over this time, Michael has developed extensive knowledge and experience as a speaker, coach and trainer, specialising in the topics of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Performing Under Pressure. He has delivered leadership programs to a wide cross-section of industries and professions – from Pharma & Education to Accounting & Financial Services – throughout North America and Asia Pacific.

As our Director, Asia Pacific, he works directly with OD, HR and training teams within client organizations to tailor programs that deliver behavioral change in-line with the cultural vision of the organization and unique needs of each individual.

Michael’s dynamic, compelling presentations provide audiences with valuable, actionable strategies to help them improve their performance under pressure.  Learning “what we should do” is helpful; learning “how to apply that knowledge” is transformational. This is what Michael delivers, and what sets his keynotes and workshops apart.

Jo-Ann Pawliw, Director of Western Canada

For more than twenty years, Jo-Ann has lead, developed and inspired individuals and organizations in the corporate sector, non-profit organizations, sports teams and schools.

Although Jo-Ann has presented across Canada and US to a diverse population, Jo-Ann has delivered extensively in western Canada and knows the energy sector quite well.

Jo-Ann is sought after for her passionate, energetic and highly motivating style that captivates audiences and keeps them engaged. Having coached hundreds of executives and high level athletes, Jo-Ann offers more than just the recent research on performing under pressure; she has a keen understanding on what challenges her audiences are facing and looking for to help them be at their best, even in the most difficult moments. Jo-Ann blends interaction and highly relatable content that audiences find useful and inspiring. As a varsity athlete in three sports, Jo-Ann would have loved to have these skills in her toolbox ‘back in the day’.

Jo-Ann holds three coaching certifications and has trained at learning institutions such as Harvard and HeartMath to enable her to offer clients the latest evidence-based models. Jo-Ann also holds degrees from the University of Toronto and McMaster University.

An active volunteer in her community, Jo-Ann also spends any time she can in the mountains either on foot or on petal.

Gates Cooney, Facilitator
As a learning specialist for the last 15+ years, Gates Cooney has a passion for adult learning and instructional design that is exceeded only by her passion for facilitating Emotional Intelligence training.

Students who attend her courses often say that they appreciate her authenticity and honesty, but, most importantly, they appreciate her dedication to helping students grow and develop.

Her 15+ years of management experience have allowed her to better understand the challenges that managers and their teams face in today’s busy working environments.

She looks forward to being a lifelong learner and says she learns as much from adult learners as they do from her. Gats is a proud mom of two and a grandma of three.

Joelle Hadley

Joelle Hadley, Facilitator
Joelle Hadley is founder of the boutique management consulting firm The Culture Coaches and The Southwest Institute for Emotional Intelligence.

In Joelle’s previous business experience she learned quickly that emotional intelligence and building culture is vital to the success of an organization and an individual. She is a certified Enterprise Licensed Trainer for IHHP and is equipped with real-world experience around inspiring results and the potential of people.

She’s the former Publisher of The Phoenix Business Journal and holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri. She has 21 years of sales, marketing and publishing experience. Joelle’s style is energetic, engaging, creative and interactive.

She has special expertise in communication skills and has inspired thousands across the country with her keynotes, workshops and coaching centered on corporate culture, leadership, life balance and personal excellence.