EI360™ Group Debrief

March 1, 2022
9am – 11am ET

Receiving feedback can be difficult. Complex emotional responses often prevent people from maximizing the value of feedback and get in the way of positive behavior change. IHHP’s EI360™ Group Debrief program was designed with these emotional responses in mind. 

Hosted by a Master Facilitator, this live online debrief session guides participants through their EI360™ Report in a way that manages difficult emotions while empowering them to understand, internalize, and act on their feedback.


19 seat(s) available

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Why Choose a Group Debrief

  • Interactive Learning: The program combines self-reflection, breakout room activities, and facilitator-led open discussion to help you unearth more actionable insights.
  • Structured Analysis: We ensure no piece of feedback from your report is overlooked. Dig into your results using a process that is designed to help you peel back the layers of both quantitative and qualitative feedback. Learn the dos and don’ts of analyzing and creating an action plan and get feedback from peers in your cohort as you refine your goals and next steps.
  • Practical Application of EI Skills: Designed to be a practical application of IHHP’s core Emotional Intelligence training, this debrief program encourages participants to deepen their self-awareness, manage their triggers and emotions, and build a plan to connect with their evaluators as they walk through their results.
  • Deeper Analysis: With 2-hour sessions, participants have more time to understand their results, ask questions, connect with peers in breakout sessions, and dive into group activities. They also benefit from hearing other people’s questions,  their perspectives to similar feedback, and diverse ideas for action plans.

Meet Our Master Facilitators 

IHHP’s Master Facilitators have over 10 years of field experience in delivering interactive and experiential workshops using our materials. They also have a deep understanding of the importance and application of Emotional Intelligence within an organization.

The EI360™ Group Debrief Process

Step 1: As part of your order, you will be enrolled in the Group Debrief program. This is a 2-hour live online session conducted over Zoom. You will receive instructions on how to access our learning portal to begin your pre-work. 

Step 2: Within 1-2 business days, you will receive an email from IHHP’s Client Experience team with detailed instructions on how to complete your EI360™ Assessment. You will then be asked to complete a self-assessment and request evaluations from up to 16 evaluators (managers, peers, direct reports, key clients, and even family members and friends) prior to an assigned deadline. 

Step 3: During your program, you will be given access to your EI360™ report. Your facilitator will help you review and understand how you fare across 11 Emotional Intelligence competencies. You will then have the opportunity to discuss steps to improve your abilities and collaborate on activities to further analyze your results and build an action plan.