Emotional intelligence

the foundational skill for your organization

Facilitator Training from IHHP

Teams and organizations that learn and practice Emotional Intelligence (EI) are better able to collaborate, confront challenges, and navigate change. As these organizations prepare for the future, applying EI skills will create greater creativity, psychological safety, curiosity, courage, empathetic listening, cooperation, and trust.

Bring EI Facilitator Training into Your Organization

Bring emotional intelligence into your organization by certifying your internal trainers in IHHP’s flagship program, the Science of Emotional Intelligence.

Become an IHHP Certified Trainer

Ready to add emotional intelligence to your training portfolio? With IHHP’s Certified Trainer program you have the support and tools you need for success.

The Certification Open Program

IHHP’s extensive Certified Trainer Open program is ideal for organizations that have either a smaller cohort of internal trainers or require schedule flexibility for their individual trainers. The open program provides participants with the opportunity to not only learn from the IHHP Master Facilitator but also to learn and share best practices with other trainers outside of their organization.