The Skills Your People Need

Become Certified and Have a Significant Impact on Performance

As a certified trainer in IHHP’s EI curriculum, you’ll guide participants through a journey that will teach them the skills that constitute Emotional Intelligence, the science behind those skills, and the practical tools to develop and strengthen these skills. Our certification process provides you with a robust framework to teach the course. Also, many participants have stated that it makes them better facilitators.

For the organization:

Today, organizations face constant change, and the impact this has on their people calls for precisely the abilities that EI training develops. Resilience in the face of change, the ability to manage one’s emotions and think productively while facing uncertainty, the ability not just to communicate, but to connect and build trust with others these are the capabilities organizations now know their people need. The more that the concepts of Emotional Intelligence become ingrained in an organization, the better able its people are to achieve their goals.

Discover More About our Certification

How IHHP Certification Works

Our Certification Program Offers:
  • Comprehensive training and support for certified trainers
  • All the materials and support necessary to deliver to as many participants as required
  • The most cost-effective and flexible approach for training many people in your organization
  • Certification to deliver both in-person and on virtual platforms
  • Connection to the community of certified IHHP trainers through a portal and webinars
  • Ongoing support in administering courses and managing assessments
  • If being certified in our EI360 multi-rater assessment tool, all the client support necessary to have this tool delivered to your participants
  • Optional coaching sessions to improve your own emotional intelligence and training effectiveness
The Certification Process:
  • Attend the program you want to be certified in – 2 days
  • Attend the trainer certification program – 2 days
  • Prepare for delivering your first program by completing our onboarding session
  • All our certification programs are led by a master facilitator with over ten years of field experience in facilitating this material.