Emotional Intelligence Certification Program

Become a Certified Facilitator of Emotional Intelligence

The skills your people need. A learning experience that you’ll love to deliver.

Teams and organizations that learn and practice EI are better able to collaborate, confront challenges, and navigate change. As these organizations prepare for the future, applying EI skills will create greater creativity, psychological safety, curiosity,  courage, empathetic listening, cooperation, and trust.

Why Emotional Intelligence from IHHP?

You have choices – why pick ours for your training program?

IHHP’s Certified Trainer Program has been chosen as the core program by Fortune 500 organizations such as UnitedHealthcare Group, Allstate, Rogers Communications, and many large financial institutions. They choose our program as the content and delivery framework has been developed and workshopped for over 20 years to become a gold standard of Emotional Intelligence training. Our clients often share with us that the high level of ongoing support outperforms their other learning partners. This relationship is a major contributor to the success of the program within the organization and makes it easy to integrate into their learning curriculum.

Benefits of our Train-the-Trainer Program

IHHP’s Certified Trainer program equips the organization’s training team with the ability to deliver an immersive and interactive Emotional Intelligence learning experience.  The program focuses on ensuring certifying facilitators are provided with a robust framework to teach IHHP’s Science of Emotional Intelligence program as soon as they have successfully completed their certification.  As a certified trainer in IHHP’s Emotional Intelligence curriculum, you will be ready to guide participants through a journey that will teach the skills that constitute Emotional Intelligence, the science behind those skills, and the practical application of those tools to develop and strengthen these skills.


Our approach to certification provides a deep understanding of the concepts of Emotional Intelligence, the science behind those skills and the program delivery framework in hands-on, experiential live training sessions.  Our aim is to give your facilitators confidence in their knowledge and understanding of the concepts so they are able to effectively deliver our Science of Emotional  Intelligence program.

How Emotional Intelligence Certification Helps You

Trainers who are certified in IHHP’s Emotional Intelligence Program are able to play a leadership role in instilling common language and concepts that drive increased engagement, collaboration, creativity, and empathy.  These capabilities are absolutely essential in innovation and transformation efforts which so many organizations are involved in today.

Benefits of Becoming Certified in Emotional Intelligence

Build Your Expertise in Emotional intelligence

Building expertise in Emotional Intelligence will provide you with skills that will  make you a better trainer and valuable internal resource

Expand Your Portfolio of Training Expertise

Every year the recognition of Emotional Intelligence as a critical skill for organizations grows and it is often identified as one of the top 5 skills organizations need to succeed. Trainers who are trained in EI and have experience in delivering EI programs are highly sought after.

Learn From Master Facilitators

IHHP’s Master Facilitators have years of experience in delivering interactive and experiential workshops using our materials.  They are also steeped in an understanding of the importance and application of Emotional Intelligence within an organization. They will not only teach you how to train people to build Emotional Intelligence, but they will also build your skills as a trainer.

Delivering IHHP’s Emotional Intelligence training has been one of themost satisfying and impactful things I have done in my career. This training really gets at the heart of who people are, why they behave the way they do, and how they can perform and live up to their potential.

Kerri Dobszewicz

Certified IHHP Trainer, Allstate Insurance

Certification Program Delivery

IHHP certification program is delivered through 5 open program sessions. Future facilitators attend our flagship Science of Emotional Intelligence Live Online Open Program to experience the content as a student to learn the core concepts. Then, in subsequent live online virtual sessions, they will learn the program delivery concepts in our  Trainer Certification Program led by an IHHP Master Facilitator with over ten years of field experience in facilitating this material. 

Connect with a Learning Consultant

Our Learning Consultants spend the time to understand your organization’s unique learning objectives and help you determine the right learning solution for your people. Connect with a Learning Consultant and learn how IHHP’s Certified Training program can benefit your training team