Last 8% Articles

Build the Emotional Intelligence skills required to work and lead courageously by learning and mastering the Last 8%. The Last 8% are the tough conversations, difficult decisions, and opportunities to meaningfully connect that people avoid because emotions get in the way.

From Vision to Reality: How Leaders Can Build a High Performing Culture

In the dynamic realm of business, leadership is not just a role but a profound influence that molds organizational culture and steers its course towards success or stagnation. The essence of effective leadership transcends the mere management of tasks and enters the...

What is a Family Team Culture? (and 3 Reasons Why They Are Almost Always Dysfunctional)

Beneath the surface of this familial facade lies a complex web of dynamics that, more often than not, render such cultures dysfunctional.

Six Strategies to be Effective in Last 8% Conversations

One of the biggest challenges faced by everyone across all organizational levels, including CEOs I work with, is mastering the art of…

8 Ways to Become a Last 8% Culture 

Your competitive advantage over competitors is not your strategy or product. Your biggest opportunity to have a sustained point of difference is your culture.