The Institute for Health and Human Potential’s New Digital Products Provide Personalized Learning at Scale to Teach these Critical 21st Century Skills

We are very excited to be announcing the launch of two new digital products.  Both are adaptations of our world-renowned classroom program “The Science of Emotional Intelligence”.

Building a Culture of Trust and Accountability

For over 20 years, this proven material has been teaching people science-based skills in self management, exceptional leadership, collaboration and communication – skills that build confidence, connection, team effectiveness, openness, greater engagement and impact.  

Enabling Personalized Learning at Scale  

Now, for the first time, a large organization can make this expertise available to large numbers of their employees, possibly even everyone.

Interactive and Immersive Experience

We have put so much effort, investment and passion into these new products because they allow our clients to give to their most important asset – their people – personalized learning of these essential skills on a large scale. Most of all, we have created an experience, while keeping in mind that there is a human being at the receiving end of the training.   

Products Learning Leaders Have Been Asking For

The demand for digital learning solutions is growing rapidly because it scales so well and can be personalized in so many ways.  We are pleased to offer both a self-paced and a live, virtually facilitated version of each course. I am amazed at how far this technology has come.  In fact, I find that in many respects it matches, and sometimes even exceeds, the in-classroom experience.

Building Exceptional Leaders. Transforming Organizations.

At IHHP, or motto is “Building Exceptional Leaders. Transforming Organizations.”. With these new products, we are putting our full effort in bringing our clients excellent, convenient and broadly affordable learning with important outcomes.  It teaches individuals how to be exceptional leaders, and provides teams with the knowhow to transform their organizations in a collaborative, open, honest and empathetic manner that drives results.

Virtual Self-Paced

Our first product is the Virtual, Self-Paced Science of Emotional Intelligence Course.  Developed in collaboration with some of our top clients, this course can be taken individually, entirely at the convenience of the learner.  It is divided into three main modules and each of those consists five to six separate sections. The course is filled with engaging videos, interactive activities, downloadable worksheets, summaries, debriefs and more.  Altogether, there are about four and a half hours of videos and exercises for a learner to consume, all at their own pace.

We have already received early feedback from clients that the material is the best they’ve seen and that they love the fact that this is content they can take in any time and any place, as often as they want.   

Virtual Live Facilitated

We are incredibly proud of the Virtual, Live Facilitated Science of Emotional Intelligence Course.  Using state of the art technology, we have created a course that can be attended by participants anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a webcam.   It’s vibrant and interactive experience that rivals a physical classroom.

Both the facilitator and each learner participate in live interactive video. This creates a setting that is truly human and immersive, even though all the participants may be in different locations all over the world.

The learner experience is highly interactive.  Participants can interact with the slide content and see each other’s interactions. The technology allows groups to be separated into breakout rooms where they complete exercises together and then return to the main room to share their learning with the other participants. (This is my favourite feature.) Then there’s pre-recorded videos, accompanying downloadable workbooks and more.  And, most importantly, our virtual facilitators themselves are superb, able to deliver the knowledge through interactive engagement with all the participants and trained to keep everyone engaged in the virtual environment. I’m so proud that we have been able to create such a rich learning experience in this virtual setting with such stunning fidelity to the material we have been teaching in classrooms for over a decade.

To maximize the convenience for participants, this material is delivered over two or three days in three separate, two hour modules.  Classroom sizes are capped at 30 participants, allowing for a highly personalized experience for each learner.

Greater Learning Flexibility Through Interchangeable Modules

We have even aligned the content of each of the three modules in both products so an individual learner could choose to mix and match the two programs, or use one as reinforcement learning or preparation for the other.