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Your leaders and teams are struggling. Faced with tough decisions and difficult conversations, they are becoming paralysed by the emotions experienced when facing unprecedented change and uncertainty. You are not alone. Our approach equips your people with the essential skills to build resilience, perform under pressure, adapt to change and drive results.

IHHP has been at the forefront of teaching the essential skills of Emotional Intelligence through keynotes and classroom training for twenty years. We have pioneered award winning, virtual learning experiences to organizations across the globe for the past eight years.

Leading organizations such as Intel, Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, Allstate, Federal Reserve Bank and Harvard Executive Education Program as well as the US Marines, NBA, NFL and Olympic teams look to us to help them improve performance and leadership.

    We Teach How to Develop and Master the Essential Human Skills That help Organizations:

    Navigate Change

    Strengthen Collaboration

    Promote Innovation

    Build Exceptional Leaders

    How IHHP Helps

    We build integrated programs with training, assessments and coaching based on neuroscience for real change. We translate the science behind managing emotions and teach people the skills to summon their best selves and do their best work during moments of truth. Our core curriculum has three main components: The Science of Emotional Intelligence, Performing Under Pressure and The Three Conversations of Leadership.

    The Science of Emotional Intelligence

    Focusing on the brain science of EI, this program will enable individuals to learn to manage their emotional brain in their most difficult moments, allowing them to contribute, collaborate, innovate and drive results.

    Performing Under Pressure

    Based on the New York Times and Amazon bestselling book Performing Under Pressure, participants will learn how to think clearly and strategically, make decisions, perform complex tasks and lead others in the face of change and pressure.

    The Three Conversations of Leadership

    Focusing on having effective conversations in the workplace, this program will help people conduct daily, difficult and courageous conversations that cultivate teamwork, help build trust, connected relationships and accountability.

    How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?

    Put yourself to the test get and accurate assessment of your level of Emotional Intelligence. Once you have taken the quiz, you will receive your results as well as recommendations on how you can manage your emotions and connect more skillfully with others.

    Keynote Speaking

    IHHP’s founding partners, Bill Benjamin and JP Pawliw-Fry are world renowned keynote speakers.  Their keynote speaking topics cover many of the most important skills needed in today’s changing workplace.  These keynotes each explain why the skills are crucial, what the brain science and / or biology behind applying the skill is, and they teach techniques to apply skills.  The topics include:

    How emotional intelligence is essential to building the agile, engaged workforces needed in the workplace of the future. 

    How mindfulness in leadership can help teams navigate today’s complex demands.

    How have ”Last 8% Conversations” – to discuss the critical things we often avoid because they are uncomfortable and difficult to talk about.

    Why emotional intelligence is the key to successful change efforts and how to avoid missing out on the human elements necessary to get every individual aligned with change.

    What pressure does to us and how to perform under pressure by applying the techniques used by the world’s greatest leaders and Olympic and professional athletes.

    What is the brain science behind building a culture that can navigate disruption and what are the techniques needed to create it.

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