Virtual Training

It’s not always easy to bring people together face-to-face in the classroom, making virtual learning a popular option. The virtual facilitated delivery of our Science of Emotional Intelligence program allows organizations the flexibility to provide training to their employees in the schedule that works best for them.

Drive real behavior change

Teaching the same content covered in our classroom delivered program, the virtual Science of Emotional Intelligence program drives real behavior change by providing participants with the knowledge and tools to manage their emotional brain in their most difficult moments.

Training on Your Terms

Our virtual programs address the needs of organizations with a national, global and/or virtual workforce that due to time or budget constraints are unable to bring participants together for in-person training and would prefer to provide learning in an online, virtual format.

Flexibility with two virtual training options

Best for organizations with employees with similar working hours who want to provide an experience similar to that of in-person training.

A completely independent learning experience. The program is hosted online and content presented in bite-sized pieces. Progress through the course on your own schedule.

Live Online Program

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