Our Clients

We’ve been fortunate to work with almost every kind of organization and audience imaginable – the U.S. Army, Hospitals, Fortune 500 companies, The CIA, Lawyers, Athletes, Sports teams and even Surgeons.

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Our programs have been delivered in over 70 countries around the world to over 20,000 participants and we haven’t met a group of people who don’t feel the pressure to lead and perform more effectively. Here are what just a few of our clients have had to say:

Rolls-Royce Corporation

“IHHP’s Science of Emotional Intelligence training has had a tremendous impact on our team – both professionally and personally. IHHP has become a critical component for learning within our team – thank you!”

U.S. Marines

“This was an outstanding presentation. It kept my attention, taught me a few things and furthered my understanding on how to prepare myself for the mission at hand. For not having a military background, the speaker connected with our group and kept our attention throughout. I can’t wait to read the book. Absolutely bring Bill back!”


“You were the perfect late afternoon speaker, you really kept everyone’s attention with your great stories and analogies. Your passion for what you do is refreshing. Thank you for making the conference a truly inspiring event.”

NASA Space Center

“Excellent training! You did a terrific job of applying your topic contextually to mission safety at NASA. I wanted to hear more. Great program!”


“This was an insightful and practical training session. I was able to connect this directly to my own behaviors. I liked the way you had us practice the strategies rather than just telling us about hem so we could internalize the behavior. That way, I’ll actually remember it!”

UnitedHealth Group

Since the roll out of IHHP’s Science of Emotional Intelligence training UnitedHealth Group has seen an impact on their business, including retention, better collaboration and improved engagement. “We’ve seen relationships improve. Leaders have become more self-aware of how they impact people and are able to better connect and coach their teams. We also heard many stories of people applying the strategies in their personal lives – that’s when you know people are really engaged in learning!”

Mercy Health

“IHHP seeks to intimately understand the unique needs of an organization, and they integrate that such that it results in a customized, meaningful learning experience. They commit themselves to more than a superficial needs analysis, and they educate themselves such that they’re able to tightly align organizational strategy, metrics, etc., to what they create for the learning environment. That is exceptional. “


“I have had the pleasure of working with IHHP twice recently in both a keynote and in training for our sales force in EQ and conversations under pressure. Each time the IHHP team provided a thorough, relevant and highly impactful session. I can honestly say that our sales team is simply better thanks to the training they received from IHHP. Look forward to welcoming IHHP back at our first opportunity!”

New York Presbyterian Hospital

“Excellent presentation. Your knowledge about the topic was impressive. Good speaker and very helpful information. Highly recommended for leaders and managers.”

U.S. Army

“Outstanding! We need more of this in all of the Army Training Programs. The parts on emotional intelligence and leadership were excellent and of great value to me.”


“Outstanding! You really know what you are talking about and make it so real to the audience. AWESOME presentation, one of the best I’ve ever seen!”

Ronnie Lott, San Francisco 49ers

“Talking to Bill about Emotional intelligence got me jacked up – now I want to hit someone! EQ is what great athletes and coaches like Jerry Rice, Joe Montana and Bill Walsh tap into.”

New York Life

What a great virtual session! You rock! You really changed my expectations of these types of events. You were actually able to provide important information.

Johnson & Johnson

“Awesome training program! You exceeded our expectations – this session offers a unique perspective on personal leadership. I like the way you bring science to our understanding of human behavior in an accessible and inspiring way. This session helped our people think differently about their personal relationships, their motivation and their performance. Your enthusiastic presentation really made a difference for our team.”

National Institutes of Health

“This was a terrific presentation! It helped me analyze myself and how to improve my relationships with others both at work and personally. The points you made were pertinent, interactive and relevant I would have loved a longer program. Thank you for presenting such a thoughtful and dynamic presentation to the NIH community.”

Air National Guard

“In a couple of challenging situations after the training session, my Squadron immediately put the techniques to use! Thanks!”