Effective Communication Articles

Emotional intelligence ensures effective communication, which is about being able to clearly convey a message and listen in a way that makes the other person feel heard and understood. Effective communication is the cornerstone of highly engaged productive companies and teams.

Beyond the Buzzword: Real-World Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategies

Diversity, equity, and inclusion – a concept that has become more prevalent and important for businesses today. In 2024, we live in a society that continually promotes and celebrates the unique diversity and inclusion of the global population, and this way of thinking...

How Leaders Build a High-Performing Culture

In the dynamic realm of business, leadership is not just a role but a profound influence that molds organizational culture and steers its course towards success or stagnation.

Six Strategies to be Effective in Last 8% Conversations

One of the biggest challenges faced by everyone across all organizational levels, including CEOs I work with, is mastering the art of…

How To Solve Any Work Conflict Skillfully and Effectively

Having good relationships at work matters to you, but you are experiencing conflict with a person on your team. It’s driving you crazy, the moment you jump on a zoom meeting, and that person is on, you immediately feel resistance, even repulsion. You even feel like...