White Papers

ROI for Emotional Intelligence

The missing ingredient behind building a highly engaged organizational culture

What Will You Do When You Run Out of Leaders?

The leaders you want to retain and engage

What's Going on at Your Hospital?

Examine why people make the choice to play small – avoid taking risks, having difficult conversations or believe in themsevles

Managing Generations - The Big Disconnect

Why most leaders miss out on engaging the next generation

Why Survival is Not Enough

Are you surviving, or are you growing in turbulent times?

Is Stress Working For You or Against You?

The new brain science of stress and sustainable performance

All Change is Personal

Why most change efforts fail and what to do about it

Pressure Changes Everything

Why managing pressure is the new competitive advantage at work

Teams Benefit When Men and Women Collaborate

Discover what we learned during our extensive research study of 6,000 women from around the world