Very Poor EQ

Your frankness is commendable. Although you may be technically gifted and have very high IQ, your EQ is on the low side and you likely struggle to manage emotions when you are under pressure. It appears you may have some work to do. If you scored in this range, you may find yourself blowing up at people or keeping emotions inside and not expressing them. Either way, you may be feeling a lot of stress and anxiety, and losing sight of where you are in life. Are you stopping and waiting to let strong emotions pass before you react? Are you allowing the ‘winds’ of change to direct you – instead of setting your own course based on an internal compass? Are you responding to life and its pressures with fear and insecurity rather than passion and purpose? Don’t despair! Emotional intelligence is not set at birth – it can be learned and improved. If life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond, then we hold the power to create the lives we want!



We highly recommend that you attend an Emotional Intelligence program if it is offered internally at your organization, or register for one of our Public Programs . In the EI program, you will have the chance to look at what triggers you when you are under pressure and how that impacts the people around you. You will learn strategies to help you cope in these pressure filled moments, and connect with people on a deeper emotional level

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