Soft Skills Training

The Wall Street Journal cites a recent LinkedIn study that revealed 58% of 291 hiring managers believe the dearth of soft skills in the job market is hindering their firms’ productivity.

Is the same thing happening to the other 42% and they just don’t know it?

Meanwhile, 89% of 900 executives polled by the Journal in 2015 said finding candidates with soft skills has proven very or somewhat difficult.

LinkedIn crunched data from its users’ professional profiles to find out which soft skills were most prevalent among users who successfully landed jobs they’d applied for.

Here are a few of the leading attributes:

  • Communication
  • Capacity for teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
While you might have an indication of soft skills in the resume, unlike hard skills, a resume doesn’t usually provide enough information to properly assess strengths. A potential hire may tell you they are collaborative, have strong communication skills and were born to be a leader, but you need to have a framework to truly assess these capabilities and hire a top performer.

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