Poor EQ

People in this range often find themselves getting frustrated with their co-workers, even their loved ones, or holding in emotions and feeling stress and anxiety. They seem to have less ‘buffer’ for dealing with pressure change, and difficult situations and relationships. Are you responding to life and its pressure with fear and insecurity rather than passion and purpose? Emotional intelligence can be learned and improved – with big payoffs! Studies of entrepreneurs, leaders and employees at some of the world’s top organizations, show that EQ counts for twice as much as IQ and technical skills combined in defining who will be a star. Improving EQ will result in better relationships, greater health and a happier outlook on life.

Self-awareness is the foundation of EQ. Here some things to consider: What situations generally create pressure and stress for you? How are you handling these situations? What negative thoughts play over and over in your mind on a regular basis? Are these a true picture of reality? Are you afraid to share your needs and feelings with others? Are you taking care of everyone else – being a martyr – or acting ‘the strong, silent type’? If we have trouble expressing our emotional needs – if we regularly put others’ needs before our own – that can lead to feeling empty, frustrated, or depressed. Don’t let this happen to you: express your key needs. It may be difficult at first, but research shows it will be a win-win. So move into the ‘zone of discomfort’ to express those needs as this is one of the key steps to building emotional intelligence. Remember, life is 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we respond!




We highly recommend that you attend an Emotional Intelligence program if it is offered internally at your organization, or register for one of our Public Programs . In the EI program, you will have the chance to look at what triggers you when you are under pressure and how that impacts the people around you. You will learn strategies to help you cope in these pressure filled moments, and connect with people on a deeper emotional level.

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