Develop agility and resilience

Performing Under Pressure

Have you noticed a decline in employee engagement and authentic connection in your workplace? Have you seen people “act out” under pressure? Are employees burning out or feeling overwhelmed?

You’re not alone. High pressure situations change our physiology…to the point that it diminishes our cognitive abilities, decision-making, and even interpersonal skills.

Organizational pressures and changes are coming at people faster than ever before. Without effective coping strategies, they result in high turnover rates and low employee engagement, costing organizations millions in lost productivity.

Why Your Organization Needs Performing Under Pressure

Learn and practice how to assess a high-pressure situations. Discover how to approach a crisis (or challenge) as an opportunity. Learn how to turn pressure into a competitive advantage!

Performing Under Pressure Training Allows your Organization to:

  • Develop Agility & Resilience
  • Make Better Decisions
  • Turn Crisis Into Opportunity
  • Manage Pressure

This program is available in the following formats: Classroom

Turn pressure into a competitive advantage! This program will teach your organization how to assess a high-pressure situation and approach it as an opportunity to unleash the best they have to offer. This program provides lots of opportunity for practice application.

Based on the New York Times Best Seller

IHHP’s Performing Under Pressure program is based on the New York Times and Amazon bestselling book Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most, and our study of over 12,000 people uncovering what the top 10% did to excel under pressure.

Interested to Bring IHHP Training to your Organization?

Would you like to learn more about how you can bring our science based training to your organization. Get in touch with one of our experienced Learning Consultants, who will work with you to  determine the best program solutions to meet your organization’s needs.

Upcoming Open Enrollment Program Dates

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