The Three Conversations of Leadership Training

Are you suffering from a “nice culture” that doesn’t support honest communication and real collaboration?  Does your team avoid having tough conversations, relying instead on “water cooler” chats and private discussions behind closed doors?  Do you feel like behaviors and outcomes don’t change, even after you’ve shared feedback? We often avoid uncomfortable conversations because we are unprepared – it’s easier to avoid the tough stuff.

The “Three Conversations of Leadership” program is designed for anyone who wants to give their conversations impact and meaning to achieve peak performance.

Our conversations program builds trust in order to:

  • Have conversations that matter and understand the importance of having them
  • Learn techniques to have conversations that build trust
  • Become a skillful communicator
  • Providing continuous coaching about behavior, performance and impact
  • Build a feedback rich culture

Empowering your managers and influencers with the communication tools and strategies they need to skillfully have the most important conversations, every day, and at high pressure moments.

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