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Master Last 8% situations and boost your teams’ performance

Most people don’t have the impact they want to have because they lack the tools to face more difficult conversations. Avoiding difficult conversations, decisions, and tasks, what we call Last 8% Situations, not only handicaps an organization’s ability to adapt and grow, but disengages their most important resource, their people. Here is where IHHP’s Change management keynote speakers come into play – to help your teams become masterful in those Last 8% where performance is accelerated and real change occurs.

Communication is not easy, especially under pressure. Our research has found that when facing a challenging conversation – such as giving performance feedback – most people adequately cover 92% of what they want to communicate. Those Last 8% , the more difficult part of the conversation, most people tend to avoid.

Our communication speakers will help your team understand that having “Last 8% Conversations” is one of the key differentiators of world class organizations and a skill that may not come naturally but that can be learned and mastered.

In this powerful program, our communication keynote speakers will provide insights and communication skills that will enable your people to:

  • Engage in the difficult conversations and decisions which lead to a high performing culture that drives innovation, engagement, and retention.
  • Understand what a “Last 8% Conversation” is and why most people avoid it or mess it up.
  • Navigate the difficult emotions that typically prompt us to avoid a Last 8% Conversation.
  • Create an environment of high psychological safety so people are not afraid to offer new and different ideas, which are key to innovation and engagement.
  • Work better, together, in a virtual or hybrid environment where people struggle to say what really needs to be said.

This keynote exceeded my expectations. I learned something new hearing about the research on the Last 8% and how our brain responses

United Airlines

Why Clients Love Our Speakers

High impact learning. Highly interactive experiences that engage every member of the audience repeatedly throughout the keynote.

Entertaining & engaging. World-class speakers and presentations that make audiences laugh, inspire them with rich insights and draw them into the keynote to gain self-awareness in the process.

Organizational shift. Our speakers introduce ideas, language and strategies that are easy to apply to transform people and create an immediate positive culture shift within your organization.

Science-based, yet entirely accessible. We have spent twenty-five years taking the latest in scientific insights about brain science and human behavior, and translating that into universally accessible concepts and easy-to-apply techniques that everyone can begin using immediately.

Virtual Keynote Speakers

In addition to in-person events, our motivational speakers deliver highly-interactive and engaging virtual programs. They will bring high energy and impact, while also leveraging the technology – videos, chat, Q&A, polls, break-out rooms, ‘fireside chat’ with a key leader, etc. – to create high levels of interactivity with your audience. Based on who the participants are, size of the group, length of the program and the earning outcomes, our speakers will custom design the program to incorporate a mix these elements.

IHHP is outstanding. They know their stuff and are super engaging online. Their virtual keynote speakers also really know virtual delivery and adult learning principles. This was a well-designed, well-executed virtual program that allowed for maximal interactivity. It could have gone longer, and I wanted more!


Meet Our Keynote Speakers

Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry

Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry, founder of IHHP and the author of the New York Times bestselling book, Performing Under Pressure, spends his time consulting with and speaking to organizations on the topics of Culture, High Performance, Emotional Intelligence and The Last 8%. His clients include IBM, Goldman Sachs and Mercedes, as well as Navy Seals, Olympic Athletes and NBA and NFL teams.   To learn more and see video of JP speaking, click here.

Bill Benjamin

Bill Benjamin is a Partner at IHHP and has advanced degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science.   Combined with his 30 years of real-world business experience, Bill brings a science-based approach to the topics of Leadership, Performance, Emotional Intelligence and The Last 8%.  His clients include Intel, Marriott and Coca-Cola, as well as U.S. Marines, NASA Scientists and Surgeons.   To learn more and see video of Bill speaking, click here.

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