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Experience improved productivity and performance by learning Emotional Intelligence skills. The ability to recognize, understand and regulate emotions is a great way to boost both productivity and employee retention.

Six Strategies to be Effective in Last 8% Conversations

One of the biggest challenges faced by everyone across all organizational levels, including CEOs I work with, is mastering the art of…

8 Ways to Become a Last 8% Culture 

Your competitive advantage over competitors is not your strategy or product. Your biggest opportunity to have a sustained point of difference is your culture.

A Silent Crisis: Is Fear Silently Hurting Your Organization?

When considering the types of organizational cultures, one of the most prevalent is what we call the “fear-based”

The Dangerous Lie of ‘Nice’ Organizations: Why Your Family Culture is Doomed to Fail.

Being overly nice can be a silent killer of growth, progress and innovation. When teams prioritize…