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At IHHP we are always looking for ways to help people perform under pressure, so we’ve developed an extensive blog section that leverages the learning gained from our work with Olympic athletes, The U.S Army, Fortune 500 companies and our Leadership Training programs. In this section, we have blog articles with tools, tips and stories from thought leaders who have a wealth of knowledge in our core areas of expertise: Performing Under Pressure, Emotional Intelligence, and the Three Conversations of Leadership.

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Training your corporate athletes

In the frenetic lead-up to the Christmas Holidays, I met with a senior Learning & Development executive at a major financial institution, who got me thinking. The holidays were looming and she was lamenting the fact that 2016 had been an exceptionally challenging year harnessing C-Suite support for leadership training initiatives. “What’s so frustrating is Read More

iceberg EQ vs IQ

Can EQ make you more money than IQ?

Research at the Harvard Business School has shown that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – the ability to manage our own emotions and connect to the emotions of others – counts for twice as much as IQ and technical skills combined in determining who will be successful in their career and in life. Show me the money! Read More

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Better understanding the impact we have on others

Synergy article – November 2, 2016 Learning about emotional intelligence with Gates Cooney Written by: Lyne Mathieu We learned a lot in the emotional intelligence (EI) course for personal leadership given at the CNSC by Learning Specialist Gates Cooney. Gates taught her last course in March 2016 to CNSC colleagues before taking her well-deserved retirement Read More

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7 Ways to Manage the Pressure of the Holiday Season

When I first sat down to write this article I was going to go off on a rant about the pressure I feel due to all of the things I need to do to get ready for the holidays like decorating the house, planning and buying all of the gifts, planning and buying the dinner Read More


5 Strategies to Handle the Pressure of a Job Interview

Most people prepare for job interviews by doing background research, considering what questions might be asked and preparing answers. All of this is important, but most people don’t prepare themselves and their brains for the pressure they are going to feel leading up to and during the interview. One of the things we learned in Read More

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