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At IHHP we are always looking for ways to help people perform under pressure, so we’ve developed an extensive blog section that leverages the learning gained from our work with Olympic athletes, The U.S Army, Fortune 500 companies and our Leadership Training programs. In this section, we have blog articles with tools, tips and stories from thought leaders who have a wealth of knowledge in our core areas of expertise: Performing Under Pressure, Emotional Intelligence, and the Three Conversations of Leadership.


5 Strategies to Handle the Pressure of a Job Interview

Most people prepare for job interviews by doing background research, considering what questions might be asked and preparing answers. All of this is important, but most people don’t prepare themselves and their brains for the pressure they are going to feel leading up to and during the interview. One of the things we learned in Read More

Soft Skills

4th Quarter: Time to Hire for “Soft” Skills

According to, 36% of all hiring happens in the 4th quarter, which is really amazing since we generally lose one to two weeks of work around the holidays. If you are in the position of going through the hiring and interviewing process in Q4 (or anytime for that matter), you will want to consider Read More


What is one word that you would use to describe how you feel about the first day of school?

  Simple question right? Unimportant question maybe? Hardly. The answer to this question might be one of the most consequential and least examined for parents or for anyone who is in the position to influence young people. For many children, the answer that most frequently comes into their mind when answering this question is nervousness, Read More

Benjamin Family-cropped-blog post

Why women may be your most underutilized asset.

I have two older sisters who are doctors, two strong-minded daughters, a mother who is a child-psychologist and a wife who doesn’t put up with my … well, you know. My business also has an equal balance of men and women on our leadership team.  Needless to say, I have personal experience in the power Read More

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The Privilege of Pressure

I love the Olympics. I love the commitment displayed by the athletes and how it inspires me and my kids and so many others to think about and (hopefully) reach our goals (I seem to exercise a little more when the Olympics are on as well!) I love the emotion involved. One of the things Read More

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