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Many studies have shown that those who have high emotional intelligence are more successful in both their professional and personal lives. In fact, research from Harvard Business School demonstrated that people with extremely high IQ but low EQ, consistently underperform other people. Test your emotional intelligence by taking our online emotional intelligence test free of charge.

Emotional Intelligence Quiz

Our emotional intelligence quiz describes situations and experiences that most of us are exposed to at some time in our lives (like being given difficult feedback). Be as honest as possible when answering the questions, as that will provide you with the most accurate assessment of your level of Emotional Intelligence. Once you have taken the emotional intelligence quiz, contact us to find out how we can help you improve your ability to manage your emotions and connect more skillfully with others when you are under pressure.

Test Your EQ - Part 3 - Dec 15, 2014

Test Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)[Pressure Questions Part 3](Nov. 21, 2014 Update)
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1. Most of the time I feel excited or energized about what I am doing. *This question is required.
2. I look forward to most of my daily activities. *This question is required.
3. I savor many of my daily activities. *This question is required.
4. I do not put pressure on myself to be perfect when I face an important situation. *This question is required.
5. I have a set of well-practiced strategies that I use in pressure situations. *This question is required.
6. I see pressure situations as a challenge as opposed to a crisis. *This question is required.
7. I view the physical sensations that I experience in a pressure situation in a negative way. *This question is required.
8. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well. *This question is required.
9. Negative thoughts go through my mind as I approach a pressure moment. *This question is required.
10. In a pressure moment, I am able to let go of the things I cannot control. *This question is required.
11. I am not afraid to share how I am feeling about a pressure situation with a friend or colleague. *This question is required.
12. I do not avoid the difficult conversations I know I need to have at work. *This question is required.

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