The Three Conversations of Leadership


The Three Conversations of Leadership

People want to make relationships work with their managers, teams, and peers. They want to give formal and informal feedback that improves accountability, clarity and performance. They want to bring their ideas and concerns to the table regardless of who is in the room.  What is surprising is the lack of skill and ability most people have to step into the difficult conversations they know they need to have.

Focusing on having effective conversations under pressure, this program will help people conduct daily, difficult and courageous conversations that cultivate teamwork, build connected relationships, and help global, highly matrixed, virtual teams learn to influence and collaborate more skillfully.

In addition to helping you have high-pressure and difficult conversations, you will also gain insight that when you are under pressure, you often have less effective daily conversations, which can erode trust and connection in your key relationships.

This program has been designed for people who are in formal leadership positions and responsible for both the performance and on-going development of their direct reports. This program builds on the foundation of Emotional Intelligence and will enable you to:

  • Understand the importance and impact of three critical types of conversations: Daily, Difficult and Courageous Conversations
  • Leverage insight from the brain science of emotions to have more effective conversations
  • Learn techniques to have high impact daily coaching conversations that build trust and drive results, even in time-constrained, pressure-filled environments
  • Practice having difficult conversations in a way that allows you to speak your truth and get to the “last 8%”, while not emotionally triggering the other person. Examples include:
  • Engaging people by creating emotional connection when rolling out change
  • Delivering bad news or saying “no” in a way that ensures a person is still valued and understands the message
  • Providing continuous coaching about behavior, performance and impact
  • Managing up and across when we have limited or no direct authority
  • Understand the importance of having a developmental mindset so you can coach people to the next level of performance

There comes a time when we need to have a difficult conversation in the workplace. This program will provide you with the knowledge and techniques required to have the critical conversations that you know you need to have. These kinds of conversations are never easy, but we need the skills to have them in order to consistently drive performance.

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The The Science of Emotional Intelligence program is a pre-requisite for Performing Under Pressure: The Three Conversations of Leadership. This program may be preceded by or followed by Performing Under Pressure.