Women Under Pressure

Women have a brain based difference that predisposes them to weigh more variables, consider more options, see more context and visualize a wider array of solutions and outcomes to a problem when they or their organization are under pressure.

The Women Under Pressure initiative will answer

  • What is unique about a women’s brain and why is that important to organizations?
  • What is the second layer of pressure that women face that is different from men?
  • What did we learn from our research study of 6,000 women?
  • What strategies can women learn to perform better under pressure?

Teams benefit when men and women collaborate

The results from a year long study of women in the workplace and the second layer of pressure they face.

Learn more about the research behind Women Under Pressure

Download our Women Under Pressure whitepaper, and discover what we learned during our extensive research study of 6,000 women from around the world.

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