Webinar Recording: The Pressure of Doing More with Less

Organizations everywhere are asking their teams to “do more with less.”  When budget cuts reduce workforces, remaining employees are expected to manage additional responsibilities. Leadership may increase goals while decreasing spending, expecting employees to accomplish more with fewer resources.  Everything becomes a “hot priority,” so it’s hard for employees to know what to handle first.

This ongoing, relentless pressure can be damaging, undermining people’s performance, impacting their relationships, and leading to fatigue, burnout, and reduced engagement.

The top 10% performers in an IHHP study we conducted for our New York Times Best selling book, Performing Under Pressure, were not impervious to the stress and pressure of having to do more with less.  They experience all the same distortions and anxiety, but had insights and strategies to successfully deal with them.  You can too!

Please feel free to  print out the slide deck and get even more engaged with learning how to manage the pressure of doing more with less.

Your presenters are Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry and Bill Benjamin.


 In the Webinar, you learned:

  • How the top 10% performers in our research study overcame the pressure of needing to do more with less
  • Insight about how your brain responds when you are feeling overwhelmed
  • How to differentiate between stress and pressure
  • How not to succumb to cognitive distortions when you feeling overwhelmed
  • Three Pressure Solutions that will help you do more with less

You will have left the Webinar having gained insights about how your brain responds when you are faced with having to do more with less, and strategies you can apply to help you overcome pressure’s derailing effects.