Very Low OrgEQ

Your organization is on the very low end of the spectrum.

But don’t lose hope! The good news is the skills of Emotional Intelligence can be learned and improved. There is lots of opportunity for your organization to build a team that is better prepared to remain competitive in the face of rapid change.

Organizations in this range find that they are having difficulties innovating and that silos often exist, which become barriers to collaboration. Employee engagement tends to be low, so more time is spent dealing with low morale and people are not always showing up at their best. Team members often hold back on their discretionary effort and there tends to be a hesitancy to take risks and raise new ideas due to a lack of psychological safety.

To move quickly and make the changes required, the importance of Emotional Intelligence needs to be embraced across the whole organization. Like any real transformative change, it will need to start at the top. To be successful, the key competencies of Emotional Intelligence need to be incorporated into an organization’s values, its culture, and common language.

Next Steps

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