The Three Conversations of Leadership:

Daily. Difficult. Courageous. The conversations you aren’t having but should be.

We all have relationships that aren’t working. People want to make relationships work with their managers, teams, and peers. They want to give formal and informal feedback that improves accountability, clarity and performance. They want to bring their ideas and concerns to the table regardless of who is in the room.  Not surprisingly, given how the pressure of time and the need for results can cause people to have an impact they don’t intend. What is surprising is the lack of strategies and ability that most people have to deal with the relationships that aren’t working.

To help leaders and team members have conversations that build trust and accountability, IHHP’s two decades of working with leaders from around the globe has identified three critical conversations that need to take place: Daily, Difficult and Courageous Conversations. Under the pressure to drive results, people often avoid these conversations entirely or are conducting them in a way that has only a small percent of the positive impact they could have if approached differently.

“Phenomenal! Simply the most inspiring, energetic, and passionate presenter I’ve seen.”

Having these conversations in the workplace isn’t an option. They are a requirement for any organization looking to cultivate teamwork, build connected relationships, and help global, highly matrixed, location-diverse or virtual teams deliver world class results.

In her time as the Vice President of Research and Innovation at IHHP, Sara trained leaders how to have high impact conversations that build trust and drive results, even in time-constrained, pressure-filled environments.  Now as a Leadership Researcher, Strategist and Coach, she has witnessed firsthand that these kinds of conversations are never easy.  However, in this keynote she will demonstrate how stepping in and having the conversation (instead of avoiding it, which most people do), is an amplifier to overall performance and life satisfaction.  The goal of this keynote is to help people be their best, even in their most difficult moments which starts with building the skills and confidence to have the conversations they know they need to have.

In This Keynote Audiences Will Learn:

  • The importance and impact of three critical types of conversations: Daily, Difficult and Courageous Conversations;
  • Leverage insight from the brain science of emotions to have more effective conversations;
  • Understand the importance of having a developmental mindset so you can coach people to the next level of performance.