How to Coach Your Teen: When You and They are Under Pressure.

Your daughter is having pains in her stomach and yet the doctor can’t seem to find anything physically wrong with her. Your son is worried about the ‘big game’ but he doesn’t want to talk about it and you don’t know what to do. Your daughter seems constantly mad at you and you are not sure why.

If you have experienced stories like this, you are not alone.

When we parent or are in a role of influencing teenagers, life can be very challenging. In fact, research has found that we are at our unhappiest in our lifespan when we are parenting teens. It is difficult being a parent of a teen today. It is also, of course, very difficult being a teen.

In this intimate, moving program, Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry and his teenage daughter Brigitte, discuss what parents who are under pressure can do to help teens who are under pressure manage life and pressure more effectively. They speak from each of their perspectives of being a parent under pressure and a teen under pressure. You will find tools and insights that will help you manage yourself a little more skillfully in those difficult moments and some coaching tools to help you help your teen manage pressure more effectively as they face their challenges.

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sashas-heartA percentage of money from the sale of this podcast will go to the SashaBear Foundation, an organization that is focused on improving coping skills for teens who face mental illness.