The Science of Emotional Intelligence:

The Missing Ingredient Behind Building a Highly Engaged Organizational Culture.

What causes smart leaders and rising stars to plateau, or even worse, fail?
Alternatively, what makes a leader exceptional?

Surprisingly, both questions are most effectively answered with the same response; Emotional Intelligence (EI). The biggest obstacle to your leaders reaching their potential and experiencing the success you and others know they are capable of isn’t expertise, but a lack of EI. This core competency involves developing a set of skills critical to self-awareness and making good decisions, managing and navigating the emotions of change and creating strong connections that drive engagement, collaboration and results.

“This was a terrific presentation! It helped me analyze myself and how to improve my relationships with others – both at work and personally. The points you made were pertinent, interactive and relevant. Thank you for presenting such a thoughtful and dynamic presentation “

Whether a seasoned executive, middle manager or driven individual, Sara’s keynote will examine the science behind the derailing impact that a gap in emotional intelligence can have on one’s ability to achieve extraordinary results. During her time as the Vice President of Innovation and Research at IHHP she oversaw their proprietary EI360 assessment delivered to over 80,000 leaders. Sara will share IHHP’s findings of which EI skills distinguish exceptional leaders from the rest. She will teach audiences how to manage difficult emotions (and people), as well as how to leverage positive emotions to increase productivity, quality of life and the bottom line, especially important in today’s high-pressure workplaces.  

In This Keynote Audiences Will:

  • Identify the key behaviors that drives exceptional leadership and performance.
  • Understand the brain science of emotions that drives their (and others) behavior under pressure.
  • Learn an emotional management strategy to respond more skillfully as pressure, tension and complexity increases.
  • Gain new insights into empathy with a model to connect with others even in the most pressure-filled situations building trusting relationships and driving business outcomes.

Sara can customize this keynote to address the following topics:

  • Sales & Customer Service, Collaboration & Engagement, Disruption & Change, Team Effectiveness or Individual Performance