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In Practical Terms

  • Being aware that emotions can drive our behavior and impact people (positively and negatively)
  • Learning how to manage those emotions – both our own and others – especially when we are under pressure.

Focus on Emotions

  • Foundational principles and brain science of our Emotional Intelligence (EI) program enables individuals, from executives to individual contributors, to develop self-awareness and competence.
  • Manage emotional management, emotional connection, collaboration and personal leadership.
  • Manage your emotional brain in their most difficult moments allowing them to show up, contribute, collaborate, innovate and drive results.

Unlock EI’s true potential

Understand the science of the human brain and how that influences yours and other’s behavior and gain a deeper understanding of the impact you are having on the people around you.

Time to Take Action!

We are proud to have a team of some of the best facilitators in North America. Our facilitators can deliver our content in a variety of formats. We understand that time is a valuable commodity in your organization and we ensure you receive the best program to fit your company’s unique needs. This video is will help you understand what our Emotional Intelligence public programs can do for you.