Strengthening Identity to Build Empathy

Jul 8, 2020

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Show Notes

Do you sometimes find that when under pressure, you get so wrapped up in your stuff, that you stop tuning into others? Or, maybe, you aren’t really aware of it until someone else points it out?  In today’s session, we strengthen our identity statement to build empathy so that we can stay open to others when we are under pressure.  

Let’s walk. 


An identity statement answers the question: who are we, when we are at our best? It puts into words, in concrete terms, how we are when we are at our best? An identity statement can help catch us when we start falling into judgement as opposed to care when we are in a tough spot with another person – so that we stay curious as opposed to certain about their intention or their point of view. 


If you’re new to the Last 8% Morning, over the course of 15 minutes we integrate movement, mindfulness, and mental training exercises. Why? So we can build the skills necessary to be our best in our more difficult moments, what we call the Last 8%. What are these skills? These are skills of emotional intelligence. Why? We do this because it is emotion that gets in our way.

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