Performing Under Pressure:

Why meeting your biggest challenges has everything to do with leading under pressure.

Whether discussing pressure at work or home, most people describe it as overwhelming and unrelenting. Attempting to minimize or remove external pressure is unrealistic – there is too much out of our control. Your organization, like so many others, is facing big challenges: whether it is an accelerated rate of change, threat of disruption, ambitious targets or aggressive competition. Your people experience these organizational challenges as personal pressure, which can result in dampened performance, diminished productivity and a resistance to change.

During Sara’s time as the Vice President of Innovation & Research at IHHP, they conducted a multi-year study of over 120,000 subjects to determine the impact of pressure on leadership. This research launched IHHP’s New York Times Bestselling book. Now as a senior advisor at IHHP, Sara will take you deeper into those results and teach you how to be your best, even in your most difficult and pressure-filled moments.

In This Keynote Audiences Will Learn:

  • How anyone can better manage pressure ensuring it becomes a competitive advantage to drive results and grow relationships, both of which are essential to creating high performing individuals, teams and organizations;
  • The number one behavior that differentiates the top 10% performers from the rest enabling them to excel under pressure;
  • Three insights that will help leaders avoid the sabotaging effects of pressure and three strategies to fortify against pressure to guarantee you have more confidence as you walk into and out of a pressure situation.

Alternative Keynote Option: “Women Performing Under Pressure”

Highlighting IHHP’s research of over 6,000 women, this keynote is perfect for women’s conferences or large female audiences.

“Within the hour Sara made us laugh, reflect and stirred a deep emotion that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Sara’s insights were the thread that connected the rest of the conference, it was awesome!”
-Women in Engineering Conference