Your Pressure Score


Wow, you really know how to manage pressure.

Even the best need to continue to develop their Pressure toolbox.

Recommendations for you:

Step 1: Read the Performing Under Pressure book
If you haven’t read it already, this is a great book that provides new research, brain science and strategies to help you stay at the top of your game when dealing with pressure. You can buy the book on Amazon

Step 2: Emotional Intelligence Training Program
The foundation of performing under pressure is dealing with the emotions that are triggered when you are in a pressure moment. You are clearly doing very well under pressure – but it always helps to sharpen your game. You can continue to grow and learn by attending an Emotional Intelligence training program in a classroom or virtually. In the EI program, you will have the chance to look at what triggers you when you are under pressure and how that impacts the people around you. You will learn strategies to help you cope in pressure filled moments, and connect with people on a deeper emotional level. In addition to on-site and virtual classes, we offer Public Programs available to anyone to attend.

Step 3: Performing Under Pressure Programs
Once you have worked on improving how you manage your emotions under pressure, you are ready to move on to our advanced curriculum, which is made up of two programs: In Performing Under Pressure, you will dive deeper into the cognitive strategies in the book and learn how to manage your thinking when you are under pressure; and in our Three Conversations of Leadership program, you will learn to have the kinds of conversations that increase trust and create accountability in your relationships.