What does it really take to innovate? What does it mean to be agile?

Join Bill Benjamin, Partner and Keynote Speaker at IHHP, on November 14th for 1 hour, and learn how anyone in your company can find out how anyone in your company can be agile and be innovative, even when their world is always changing. The ability to be innovative, to adapt to change, and to be agile during times of disruption and transformation are critical skills that you need.

Participate in the Research

We do things differently in our webinars (and our training, for that matter). The audience, meaning you, are a part of the experience. By TAKING THE ASSESSMENT, you become integrated in the science and the research that sets IHHP apart from the rest.
We combine the findings of your qualitative assessment with insights gained from interviews with key leaders at our Fortune 500 clients, then, walk you through the results and share what it takes to develop a culture of innovation and agility.
Early Registration Bonus!
Register early and immediately following the webinar, you will gain access to our brand new and exclusive “Innovation and Agility Survival” toolkit.