Extend the Learning Experience

Learning Reinforcement

We know that learning does not end when the class does. Learning Reinforcement provides participants with the opportunity to extend and deepen their learning experience allowing them to practice and reinforce the skills they have learned.

IHHP offers several options for learning reinforcement

Digital Coach

Meet Chris, IHHP’s digital coach. Chris is the persona for our new digital training reinforcement tool.

Chris delivers an 8-week reinforcement program that can be accessed via SMS, Facebook messenger or from your desktop.  Coach Chris will interact with you via text message, engaging you by providing new tips, and reminders and challenging you through short activities on the EI Skills you learned. This program has been developed with the expertise of our Senior Coaching team to reinforce the content using similar questions and activities to those used in post-program coaching.

Currently this program is available for our Science of Emotional Intelligence Program

EI Skills Check In

We know that after the program is done people move on to implementing the skills and strategies they learned in the program. It has also become clear that many participants are looking for an opportunity to connect again with a facilitator and other learners to share their experiences, discuss challenges, and improve their strategies. We launched our post-program skills check-in to facilitate this connection and provide the opportunity to reconnect to the content and other learners. Typically one hour in length, the check-in can happen within the two months following the program and is hosted on Zoom by an IHHP Facilitator.

Currently, this program is available for our Science of Emotional Intelligence Program


Coaching is the optimal way to reinforce and practice the skills developed in the program and can immediately improve relationships both in and out of the workplace.

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